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When I was growing up, we always ate dinner at the dining room table. I know this mentality has started to wane over the years though. Rich and I have always had a table to eat at, but we rarely actually do so. Now that we have a child of our own, I think it’s important to get into the habit of having that time together. Then we can say, “How was your day today? Did you have a good day today or a bad day today?” (See Clip of the Day.) So, today I sported my best Hayley Homemaker dress and embraced the spirit of June Cleaver: The only difference between me and a 50’s housewife is that I just worked a full day at my job, went and picked up my child and THEN came home to make dinner. I am by no means complaining though! I think I can safely say I am a happier woman now than I would have been if this was 60 years ago. Here is our family sitting down and enjoying each other’s company (with NO TV too!): 

I think this is what the American family needs right about now. The simple act of sitting down for 30 minutes and just listening, is it all that difficult?

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Johnny Appleseed is somewhat of a folk character. He did really exist though, and he was a fascinating man. With each of these holidays that celebrates an individual I find myself being really surprised at how much of an impact one person can have on the world. John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed, was born on this day in 1774. He lived a full life and died at the age of 70. He is best known for travelling around Ohio, Indiana and Illinois planting apple trees. Johnny was a missionary who believed in charity and had a vast love for all living things. He even put out one of his own campfires on a cold night because he saw that mosquitoes were scorching themselves in the flames. That’s pretty devoted if you ask me. I have no remorse for squashing a bug or two…..or thirty. We’re not highest on the food chain by chance! Johnny never married and was sort of a drifter. He was widely respected by robbers and clergymen alike. No one ever questioned Johnny or what he was doing, he was always welcome in everyone’s home. He sounds like a pretty amazing character. In honor of Johnny Appleseed Day, I donned my lovely apple apron while cooking:

I also made a delicious apple dessert…yum-o-licious! I already have a Clip of the Day, but this is too cheerful not to share. Enjoy the song of Johnny Appleseed:

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

Kramer explaining to Jerry what happens once you get married and have kids. I’m not kidding you, every single time Rich and I actually sit down at our table to eat this is how our conversation begins (today was no exception):

P.S. – I’m glad we had this talk.