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I, surprisingly, do not know too many vegetarians. I’m sure there are tons out there, I just apparently only hang around with meat eaters most of the time. I do know of 2 veggie lovers in my office though. They weren’t going to get away from Rosa and I without a hug today! Here we are with our resident super vegetarian, Anu:

We were able to hug bomb non-meat eater, Andrea as well:

Yay for vegetarians!! You are much stronger willed than I….

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Roman got to meet his future wife for the first time today. He has been talking about her since the day she was born. He loves looking at her pictures up on our fridge. It’s a good thing he’s into her, because he doesn’t have a choice. That’s right, just like in The Lion King, these too are betrothed. Screw modern-day freedom of choice! He typed up a special love note to give to Ava today:

Oh yes, those are the lyrics to Savage Garden’s, I Knew I Loved You. Hey, we don’t call him Romance Roman for nothing! Roman needed to give his note his signature saliva hug before handing it over to his lady:

Their first encounter….we had to control Roman a bit since he’s just a tad grabby these days:

Ahhh…young love….isn’t is beautiful??

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Song of the Day:

Since I already mentioned it, we will use the Savage Garden song today:

P.S. – Kirsten Dunst???? Huh?