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This is the first holiday that has several different meanings. You have the wonderful drink concoction, the paper cutting mechanism and the not-so-nice clenched fist to the face. I decided I would celebrate all of them today, why not? First up, the most unexciting, the paper punch:

Cool….now I have tiny stars that I’m sure Roman will hunt down and consume. Second, we have the “Face Punch!” (Like that New Moon reference? Only the geeky Twihards will get that one….) Considering I just made a pledge for non-violence, I chose to take my aggression out on an inanimate object…..Roman’s Scout dog. He’s pretty annoying so I didn’t feel too bad about it:

In the faaaccceee! (Hangover – tonight is apparently movie reference night too.) Last but not least, we have our punch beverage. Now, for anyone who has attended our yearly holiday celebration, you know that I enjoy making punch. I make a new one each year, it’s always a good party pleaser. Since we only had a party of 1.3 here tonight (Roman is the .3), I didn’t think it would be too economic to make a huge vat of punch. Nor did I think that making a large alcoholic drink for my 10 month old would be real wise. Also, I did not have too many punch-friendly ingredients on hand. You know, lime sherbet….cloves….weird stuff like that. So, I had to find a recipe that would incorporate what I had in the house already. Here is what I came up with:

Interesting combo, but I’m down for whatever. Blendy blend it up and here is the final product:

Roman made his sour face. That’s a good thing though, he is not yet accustomed to super sweetness. I thought it was decent. It tasted more like a smoothie than a punch though. Plus the fact that there was not any booze in it was a bit of a bummer. All in all, I had a pretty punchtastic day!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Clip of the Day:

How about a nice Hawaiian Punch? I question the marketing tactics here…..seems a little destructive.

P.S. – One of their selling points was that it has 10% fruit juice in it. Hmmm……