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Ahoy buckos! How be ye all this day? As ye can spy wit’ ye eye, this day be speak like a scurvy pirate. To celebrate this day’s shore leave, I looked up th’ proper way to shout like a fine barnacle-covered scurvy pirate. Arr! ‘Tis be a ruckas! Maybe I  become fluent in scurvy pirate ‘n speak like ’tis every day ‘o th’ year. Shiver me timbers, thar she blows! I heartly enjoy dressin’ like a buccaneer as well. Here be a few pictures, avast ye:

Lad Roman makes a fine pillager too, take a look:

I thought ’bout gettin’ him a sword….I reckon I made th’ right choice by holdin’ off on that one fer awhile. Now, ’tis the hour fer ye to walk th’ plank and visit Davy Jones’ locker. ‘Til we meet again, me hearties.


Clip of the Day:

‘Tis be a movin’ picture ‘o th’ first speak like a scurvy pirate day…..interestin’….who be these scallywags?


P.S. – Son of a Biscuit Eater, they be three sheets to the wind!