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All of you loyal blog followers will remember that back on July 25th, Thread the
Needle Day, I created my felt hat for today’s holiday. For all of you loyal blog followers with an extra sharp memory, you may have noticed that I said in that post that Felt Hat Day was on October 15th, Rich’s birthday. It is not, obviously, I had my months mixed up. It is another friend’s birthday today though, Mr. John Schertel! Happy Birthday J….oh yes…..I know….. Now for the moment you all have been waiting for, the reveal of me in my bodacious felt hat:

That’s right, I coordinated my ensemble today to match my new fashion statement. Pretty sweet, huh? The hat itself is not terrible, it just does not really fit all that well. It more just sits lightly on my head rather than hugging it snugly. It’s also not the most attractive thing I have ever put on my head. I still wore it though! I only had it on for a little bit at work (hats are not welcome there….yes, they are discriminating). Then I brought it along on my excursion of the day: Miss Vanessa Vann’s fundraiser for her new non-profit organization, Ignite Life (http://ignitelife.weebly.com/). There were a lot of people up there, but I sported my new head covering nonetheless:

Of course, I had to get a pic of me shoveling food into my mouth. I even got everyone else to wear the hat for a bit. Here are Roman, Sara, Vanessa and Rich rocking the felt hat:

Did you notice how Rich and Roman had hat coordinating outfits on too? Yeah, we are nerds.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0 – all costs for the hat were already accounted for on July 25th!

Song of the Day:

Hat Song. Scary, strange and silly all at the same time…..


P.S. – No one asked me where I got MY hat today….bummer.