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Cream filled deliciousness today. I am a total sucker for donuts. Mainly just the ones from a real donut place, not the ones from the supermarket. For today’s holiday I had intended to stop at my preferred donut joint, Dunkin’ Donuts, on my way into work. I went a different route this morning only to discover that the Dunkin’ Donuts closest to my house is no longer there. Fancy that. I guess I don’t frequent that area too much. I figured this wasn’t a huge deal breaker, I would just go to the one by my place of business. Unfortunately, my alternate route was plagued with horrific construction traffic and caused me to double my commute time. Oh, the irony. I decided not to push it and opted to go get my treats during lunch instead. Here I am finally at my destination:

I was a little distraught about the selection of cream filled donuts and began to regret my decision immediately. I’m sorry to say that I think I would have been better off going to Tim Horton’s. I feel like a traitor making that statement, but DD is slipping. The first one I go to is closed down and now a crappy selection at this one?? Hmmm…..either way, I still got a dozen donuts. Let’s be real here, I will have no issue consuming and/or giving away any of these:

Your eyes are correct, I did not get a full dozen of only cream filled because they did not have that many. Also, there is one missing from this pic. I forced it upon Karri on the way back up to our office:

She also took this picture of me soliciting my wares in the reception area:

Now for the obligatory face-stuffing pictures…..enjoy!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $6.99

Clip of the Day:

Donut Hell from The Simpsons. Oh that Homer, he’s incorrigible.

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