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Everyone remembers where they were the morning of September 11, 2001. I was at home (parent’s house) getting ready to head back to the dorms at EMU. My mom called and asked me if I was watching the news. I was not at the time, so I turned it on. Honestly, when I spoke to my mom I thought she was overreacting a little. She was very very upset and I did not realize the magnitude of the situation until the second plane hit. That’s when things got scary. I watched for a little while longer and then had to get in the shower. I turned my shower radio on, that’s right I had a shower radio, and listened intently. Then the Pentagon got hit. This is the point where I started to get really freaked out. I decided that I still needed to go to class so I took off to Ypsi. I have never felt so unsafe in my entire life during that drive. This was the first time in my life, and the lives of all Americans, where we were all at risk. We were no longer invincible. We had been attacked and that was a difficult reality to face. Remembering the events of that day is a horribly painful experience. I watched a lot of the ceremony in the morning and I cried a lot. I cannot imagine the feelings of those that lost their loved ones that day. I am extremely affected by it and I do not have any personal connections other than the fact that I am an American. That day will forever be burned into our memories and we will never forget. Rich and I visited New York City in 2008. We went down to Ground Zero and also into the Fire Station that now houses a 9-11 memorial. Here are a few pictures of what everything looked like

To commemorate the holiday (BTW, I loathe referring to this day as a holiday) I showed my American pride and remembered all those that were taken that day:

On a positive note, I love what they have done with Ground Zero. It is a beautiful memorial and I hope it leads to some closure for all those affected. On Patriot Day I am happy to say that I am proud to be an American. Although we have this horrific black spot in our history, we can also remember how we all joined together as a nation and showed the true humanity that exists in the world today.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $9


Between Rich and I, we only have one remaining Grandparent. That is my Grandma and she is going to live forever, so that’s the good news. Since we had Roman, we have also gained new Grandparents in our lives. Roman has the privilege of having 5 Grandparents (plus one GREAT Grandparent). They all spoil him equally too, he can pretty much get away with anything when they are around. It makes me happy to know that he will grow up with all of them playing an active role in his development. For Grandparent’s Day we sent cards to all the Grandparent’s in our lives. They are all very special to us and we wanted to show our love:

My favorite thing about the cards is that they all had a blurb on the back about how Grandparent’s Day originated, perfect to help everyone celebrate!!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $15


Clip of the Day:

I realize this is a commercial, but it really touched me…….kids singing will get me every time…..

P.S. – Never Forget.