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I am certain that everyone has a little weirdness in them. It’s easy to say that because practically anything can be considered weird, it’s very subjective. Today’s holiday is meant to celebrate all the weirdos in your life. Well, I have a lot of weirdos around me both good and bad. Rather than call everyone out on their strange tics and nuisances, I decided to amp up the weirdo in my world today. I took on a few interesting OCD habits, if you will. First, every time I or someone else said the word ‘weird’ I would spin around in a circle. I did not realize how often I actually used this word until today. Especially since people are always coming up and asking me what is today’s holiday. This one wasn’t too off the wall though, it gets more interesting. I wore a pin today indicating how I wish I was a dinosaur. I randomly roared a few times during my workday. A little awkward, but easily explainable. I mean really, who doesn’t want to be a dinosaur? My co-worker, Lindsey, even gave me this radical dinosaur to help me celebrate:

Third, I developed an aversion to the color yellow. That’s right, I wouldn’t touch anything that was yellow unless I was wearing my special bear gloves:

The most amazing thing about these gloves is that I actually owned them prior to today’s holiday. They are absolutely useless if you are trying to get anything accomplished with your hands while wearing them, but they are the warmest mittens I have ever had. I had a little trouble with the yellow dealio when it came to Post-Its. Writing on them and then trying to peel them off with the gloves on was quite an adventure, but I couldn’t touch the yellow or my skin would burn off!

Special thanks go out to Karri for opening my Splenda packets for me this morning. I forgot to take my special gloves with me during our morning coffee break. Lastly, I wore this mask today:

Not all day, just at home. I was planning on wearing it whenever I was in the car driving, but I quickly came to the realization that it severely impaired my vision. Not the best plan. So, I wore it mostly for Roman. I fed him his dinner with it on and he loved it. He likes his weirdo mom. We even managed to get a pic of him wearing it:

Hmmm….sorta reminds me of another weirdo, probably the most famous one of all. Oh, being weird is the best. I think I may have to extend this holiday a few days…..or months….

Total Cost to Celebrate: $5

Song of the Day:

White and Nerdy by Weird Al. Hey, why not? He’s a self-proclaimed weirdo and this song is funny:


P.S. – Mom, you’ll be happy to see that Donnie Osmond is in this video. I know how much you love him….