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For International Literacy Day I did something I do everyday, read to Roman. He is starting to become more interested in books and will actually sit still for a few select titles. He is still pretty picky though. Books either have to have real pictures or furry stuff he can grab. His all time favorite is Kittens. He cannot get enough of this book. You can read this one to him 5 times in a row and he is still interested. I think it’s because it has the real photos of kittens and Roman has a fixation with cats. Here he is enjoying his book for the thousandth time:

He still is entertained by it, I’m wondering if and when the thrill will wear off. He also has bathtime books that I read to him every evening. His favorite used to be Wake Up, Magic Duck, but it is now Woody and Buzz…..oh my little boy is growing up already. No more ‘baby’ books for him:

I see commercials for that ‘Your Baby Can Read’ crap all the time. Why does an 18 month old need to read? I’m confused by that whole thing. I will continue to read to Roman and allow him to progress in a natural way. I’m not overly concerned about him being a baby genius, right now I’m still worried about him biting everything to be honest. As for my own reading endeavors, I am currently attempting to read One Day. Yes, I am one of those people who sees a preview for a movie that was based on a book so I go and get the book before seeing the movie. The book is always better than the movie, isn’t it? I did this with Something Borrowed  and got completely sucked into all those books. I just watched the movie a few weeks ago and it was ehhhh. I said I was attempting to read One Day because I don’t really have a whole lot of leisure reading time on my hands. Plus, for some reason this book is not holding my attention very well. I’m hoping it will pick up soon. Has anyone else read it? Any suggestions for good reads for me?? I’m open to anything but I mainly like to read brainless stuff like Twilight. Don’t judge me, you know you like it too.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


I am knocking on wood as I am saying this, but I have never had to have physical therapy. I have not hurt myself or needed any sort of surgeries that would lead to PT. I know, I feel as if I am jinxing myself as I type. As I have mentioned before, my pal Monica is a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I saw her and her niece, Natalie, today and she showed me some easy PT moves I could do at home for myself. Unfortunately, I didn’t plan this out too well and was still wearing my work clothes which were not the most conducive to these range of motion moves. Either way, I learned some things and had a mini lower body workout. Here we are working our outer thighs, watch out Suzanne Somers:

Monica also showed me some standing chair moves:

No, my skirt is not that short. I had to hike that baby up to get my leg out there. Here is the best one though, the squat. Monica was highly amused by my lovely facial expressions:

Nice!!! Natalie joined in the fun too. She picked out this exercise to try, the toe to heel move:

Natalie said it best, Monica is a great teacher! Thanks Monica for helping me celebrate World Physical Therapy Day. I’ll keep practicing my moves so I don’t have to come and get real PT, you know the kind that people refer to at ‘Pain & Torture’. 🙂

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Clip of the Day:

Hip..hip hop…hip hop anonyomous….great scene from Big Daddy: