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Was this holiday made for me or what? I am both lazy and a mom….perfect combo! The purpose of this holiday is for all the moms out there to take a break and give yourself a little time to just do nothing. I know firsthand as a mom to a 9 month old and working full-time, sometimes I just want to come home and zone out. That option is no longer possible. Being a mom is like having a second full-time job when you get home from work. I have zero time to myself except after the kiddo goes to bed and usually by then I am too exhausted to do anything productive. Then I go to bed late, don’t get enough sleep and have to start all over the next day when I wake up at 6am. Not that I would ever change anything, I’m perfectly happy with my life. I just sometimes miss the luxury of being able to take a little nap whenever I please. To celebrate the holiday I decided to be even lazier than usual. After work I picked Roman up as usual and brought him home to feed him. Instead of me actually feeding him, I just spread out a feast for him to self-feed. Peas, bananas and Cheerios…..baby gourmet:

Then when Rich got home, we went out to eat rather than making dinner. I’m starting to like the lazy way of doing things! Here is Roman (eating again) at the restaurant:

Here is Rich too:

We came home after our meal and I plopped down on the couch and did nothing for the rest of the night. No blog, no exercise, no cleaning, nothing. I went to bed when Roman did and it was fantastic. Yes, this morning the house was still a mess and I am writing my blog late, but I thoroughly enjoyed just letting it all go last night. There’s always tomorrow, right?? Hope all you moms out there enjoyed your lazy day too!

Song of the Day:

Lazy Sunday from SNL. I know the holiday didn’t fall on a Sunday, but this song is too awesome to pass up. I thought about using The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars, but I think if I hear that song again anytime soon I am going to lose it.


P.S. –  Mr. Pibb + Red Vines = Crazy Delicious!!   This is a fact.