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Holidays from August 30th


On today’s holiday we all are meant to take a look at our pet’s health and well-being. Everyone is so concerned about going green and eating natural food, but not a lot of people carry that over to their pets. I know I typically just buy whatever giant bag of cat food is on sale and that’s that. I have to admit that our 2 cats have not been getting nearly as much love as they were accustomed to before Roman came into the picture. Roxy has even resorted to allowing Roman to basically attack her because she just wants any attention she can get. Poor kitties. They both get their special time still. It is after Roman goes to bed and they creep back out into the open. For today’s holiday I found some natural cat treats to give to our cats. Of course they enjoyed them, they will eat anything. They liked getting the special attention too:

Yummy! No artificial ingredients!


Total Cost to Celebrate: $3.30


Okay, I admit that I didn’t celebrate this holiday on the actual day. I celebrated today (one day late). We went to Cedar Point yesterday and I was so tuckered out when we got home that I just gave into the sleep. We made up for it today though. Check out these pics, they say it all:

Total Cost to Celebrate: $5

Clip of the Day:

Kids Marshmallow Experiment. This is incredible, the faces these kids make are priceless! They were conducting an experiment on 4 year olds. They put them in a room and gave them one marshmallow and told them if they could wait to eat it, they could have another one when the lady came back. Some waited, some did not. They found that the children who were able to wait were better adjusted and more dependable in their adolescence. They also scored higher on aptitude tests:


P.S. – I have a feeling Roman would fail miserably at this test….