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The phrase, “According to Hoyle” means: in accord with the highest authority; in accord with a strict set of rules. Who was this Hoyle fella? Edmund Hoyle, who was born in 1672 and died on this date in 1769, was an English barrister and writer who penned several books on card games. He was known as the ultimate and final authority when it came to card game rules. That is why you see Hoyle playing cards or card playing books with Hoyle’s name in the title. I purchased one of these books and was delighted to find tons of new games inside:

While most are card games, there are also some other types of  games. I chose a game called Word Squares for Rich and I to play. Here are the rules:

We managed to get one game in before Rich got called away to the Fire Department. I won with a score of 41. Rich had a 34. Close game, I think if we would have played a few more times we would have gotten a little better at it. I am looking forward to learning some new games, I know my family is always on the hunt for different things to play. They even have Backgammon variations in there….maybe I can finally figure that one out now. Doubt it.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $6 for the book on Amazon


I do not think I realized how salty American food was until I gave Roman a taste of my mashed potatoes and he winced as if in pain. It was because of the salt. Baby food has little or no salt in it, so babies actually enjoy vegetables the way they were meant to be tasted! For today’s holiday, I decided to find a recipe that used a lot of herbs. I do not typically dabble in too many different types of herbs, I’m apparently not that adventurous in that realm. Today’s menu consisted of steak with a mushroom herb crust. I know my Mom is cringing right now because she cannot stand mushrooms. Well, this recipe called for dried mushrooms that were ground into a powder and then used to coat the meat. I am willing to bet that even my Mom wouldn’t have been able to taste the mushrooms on this steak. It also called for chives and tarragon, yum yum yum:

Here are the lovely cuts of meat cooking up in the pan, it smelled heavenly:

The finished product, with a side of broccoli:

I used very minimal salt and was surprised to discover that it tasted really good without it. Rich may have disagreed just a little, he is the salt king. Overall, good lesson learned today. Maybe I should invest in one of the Chia Herb Gardens, those things are sweet!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $15

Clip of the Day:

According to Hoyle scene from Pulp Fiction. To be honest, I had no idea that this phrase was used in this movie. I’m getting smarter by the second.

P.S. – You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with cheese in France?