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I do not have a dog. I have cats. That does not mean that I do not like dogs or that I should be deemed a ‘cat person’. I just find cats to be a little easier to manage at this point in my life. I’d like to think we will have a dog sometime down the road when Roman is bigger. I think he would enjoy that. Seeing as how I am not a dog owner, I reached out to my friends and family and asked for some help celebrating today. I had quite a few dog owner pals send me pictures of their furry friends. So, without further ado, here are the pooches!

Monica's babies, energetic Ernie and amazing Astro

Karri's kindhearted Kato

John and Jessie's playful Paco

Aunt Chris, Uncle Rick, Jake and Sean's mighty Minnie

Sophia and Mike's macho Max

Eric and Rhonda's lively Lucy

Ron & Tab's lovely Lilly and marvelous Mocha

Vaughn's cuddly Cody

My soon-to-be Sister-In-Law, Vanessa's jubilant Jack

Tony's brawny Bacon

My Sister-In-Law, Marilyn sent me this one of Corporal Hummer. He is the official mascot of the U.S. Marine Corp.

Thank you to everyone who sent me pictures today, you all have some great looking doggies. I hope you all gave them some extra special attention today, they deserve it!
Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Today’s holiday commemorates the passing of the 19th Amendment on this date in 1920. That Amendment gave women the right to vote. I am proud to report that I have exercised my voting privileges during the last 3 presidential elections. Local elections? Well, I can’t say I have been as eager to express my opinion on those ones. I should vote in the smaller elections more often, I will keep this in mind next time one rolls around. I am eternally grateful that, as a woman, I live in the United States and I was born in the 20th century. Women have come a long way since 1920, and in many countries around the world there is still a lot of progress that needs to be made. As a fun way to celebrate, I found a website that had some random polls that you can vote on just for fun. Here is the site if you’d like to have a look-see:


 Here is a list of the polls and how I personally voted on all of them. Yippee for women’s voting rights!

 Fantasy Poll – Place to Live

If you had to live for three years in one of these fantasy places from tv/film/literature, which one would you choose?

Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory – I would turn into an oompa loompa with all the sweets I would be consuming. Plus, all my teeth would probably be rotted out by the end of my 3 year adventure….fat and toothless, sounds glorious.

Fantasy Poll – Imaginary creatures

Which of these imaginary/fantasy creatures do you most wish were really REAL?

 Unicorns – Although, according to John Nagle these are not imaginary.

Food poll

Favorite sandwich?

 Turkey – Lame, I know. I honestly like all the sandwiches except vegemite…yuck.

Chores poll

Your most hated household chore?

 Cleaning the bathroom – Can I choose all of them?

Film poll – Oscars 1990s

Favorite movie to win the Oscar for Best Picture in the 90’s?

Silence of the Lambs – It rubs the lotion on the skin or else it gets the hose again. Classic.

Angels and Ghosts Poll

Do you believe that angels exist? Do you believe there are ghosts?

 I believe in ghosts – I’m on the fence about angels.

Circus Job Poll

If you ran away and joined the circus, which circus job which you most like to do?

 Flying trapeze artist – Flying through the air with the greatest of ease.

Adventure poll

Which outdoor adventure would you most like to do?

 White Water Rafting – I am more comfortable with the idea of drowning to death rather than plummeting to the earth when my parachute chooses not to open.

Favorite holiday poll

What is your favorite holiday?

 Halloween – Always has been and always will be my favorite.

Film poll – Oscars 1980s

Favorite movie to win the Oscar for Best Picture in the 80’s?

 Rain Man – This was the only one that I have actually seen the whole way through. Where was E.T. and The Shining on this poll? What? They didn’t win Best Picture? I demand a recount.

Ladies, go on there and utilize your own right to vote, even if it is for a meaningless survey! Men, I suppose you have the right to participate too…

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Story of the Day:

I had to share this story, I saw it in the Yahoo news feed today. There is an article, picture and short clip. Beware: it is going to make you tear up, especially all you dog lovers:


P.S. – Dogs truly are man’s best friend.