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Today is Kiss and Make Up Day, fairly self-explanatory. Rich and I did not particularly have anything to make up about today. Well, unless you count when I called him a hypochondriac and he told me I was annoying. All in a day’s work for us! We kid because we love. Here we are kissing and making up anyhow. I put it in black and white so it looks extra romantical:

Today is a great day for everyone to end those meaningless feuds with your significant other. Since Rich and I are both Libras, we tend to balance each other out. When one of us is in a bad mood, the other puts on a happy face. It’s only a problem when we are both in a bad mood…then it’s bad news bears. We both stay mad for approximately 12 minutes and then we just deem that we are no longer fighting and it’s over. Ahhhh….ain’t love grand?

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


We took today’s holiday as an opportunity to visit the newest secondhand shop in town, Value World:

I did not realize that this was a thrift store until today. I guess I thought it was an offshoot of Value City or something. I found out that they buy their clothing and goods from Purple Heart and then resell it. The best part about this place is, get this, they have coupons on their website for 50% off your entire purchase. For real! Coupons for thrift stores! Rich, Roman and I went in and took in the surroundings. Looks like your average thrift store, pricing is the same too. I thought it would be more expensive considering they don’t take donations directly. I was looking for a few specific items, but I unfortunately did not have any luck. I did find some other fantastic finds though, check it out:

That’s a rad motorcycle shirt for Roman, some crazy suspenders for Rich and a funky hat for me. But wait, there’s more…..the best find EVER:

Oh yeah, we have a winner. I saw this and knew I had to have it….not entirely sure why, but it was too amazing to pass up. At the bargain basement price of $1.80, (that’s .90 cents with my half off coupon) how could I say no? I could use it to be a magician on Halloween or I may be able to use it if there is a Liza Minnelli day coming up….you never know!! I’m sure it will be resurfacing in the future in some form or another. Here I am enjoying my new secondhand wardrobe (I am not putting that shirt/dress thing on until it is throughly sanitized):

Total Cost to Celebrate $5.35 – you heard right, all these treasures for the low low price of only $5.35. What a deal.


Clip of the Day:

Kiss Me by New Found Glory, AKA best band everrrrr. This is a cover of the Sixpence None the Richer song….way better though:


P.S. – This thing is not letting me upload videos like usual so you will just have click the link to view. hmmm…mmmmm……