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On this date in the year AD 79, Mount Vesuvius erupted and subsequently destroyed the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. I must say, volcanos are pretty cool. I would not want to be living near one though, that’s for sure. All that churning and burning liquid hot magma just festering and waiting to explode, sounds like quite the gamble. To celebrate today’s holiday I carried on with my cake project from yesterday. I’m sure you all figured out I was making a volcano cake based on the shape from yesterday’s pics. It turned out really good, I was pleased with the results. I even went and got some dry ice so it had a super awesome special effect. Only the best for my Dad on his birthday:

Fancy, huh? It tasted okay, sponge cake would not have been my first choice but I gotta go where the holidays take me. Happy Birthday to my Dad!

Roman was attempting to dive headfirst into the smoke and fire, he is a little too curious sometimes. He got a little taste of chocolate today and I can say for certain we’re in for some trouble soon……sugar addiction is on the horizon. After the birthday celebration we decided to take the rest of the dry ice and make pop bottles explode in the backyard. Then we messed around with my brother’s BB gun for a bit. Yes, we are some shining adult role models for an impressionable young mind.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $8



Yummy yummy waffles! When I think of eating waffles for dinner it takes me back to Thursday nights at DC1 freshman year at EMU. It was always waffle night on Thursday in the dining commons. Hmmmm…..now I’m starting to understand where that freshman 15 comes from. Rich and I’s waffle maker bit the dust not too long ago so we are sans waffles these days. My Mom decided to help me celebrate and made waffles for my Dad’s birthday dinner today. They were delicious and we all were happy to celebrate this tasty holiday. She even had strawberries and whipped cream, scrumptious! Here she is with her sassy apron making waffle magic:

Rich, Dad and Grandma scarfing down:

Roman even joined in on the fun. Here he is trying his first waffle:

I followed my Mom’s lead and made some edible art, almost too pretty to eat…..almost:

What a fun holiday, I always love eating breakfast for dinner. Especially since my usual breakfast consists of coffee and more coffee. Roman’s favorite network, Sprout (AKA television crack for babies and the only channel that now plays in our house) was celebrating National Waffle Day too. They had special songs and everything. Rich was really pumped when I turned it on this morning to entertain Roman….he loves The Wiggles (I’m talking about Rich, not Roman). They don’t creep him out at all…why would 4 grown men wearing matching mock turtlenecks singing to small children creep anyone out?

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0 – Thanks, Mom!

Clip of the Day:

Waffle Day song from Sprout. Now I will subject you all to what I listen to every second I am at home. This is from last year’s Waffle Day, but is it almost identical to what I witnessed this morning:


P.S. – Roman is OBSESSED with Chica the Chicken….I think he loves her more than he loves me.