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Today was my first attempt at making a sponge cake. I have made many a cakes before, but never of the sponge variety. It was a bit different than your standard cake. Not a lot of ingredients, but a lot of eggs and a lot of whipping. I was making a chocolate sponge cake for a very special celebration tomorrow, my Dad’s birthday! I had to make two batches because the recipe only makes a small amount since you have to keep the eggs light and airy, hence the sponginess (is that a word?). Just as I was about to pour the batter from my first run into the pan I looked down and realized I had forgotten to add the egg yolks. Then I realized I had also forgotten to add the vanilla. I had completely skipped over that step. After contemplating for a few minutes on if these ingredients were necessary (yes) and if I could add them much later in the process (no), I threw in the towel and started from scratch…again. Here I am once I realized my blunder:

Second batch was successful so I moved onto the third. Now, I am creating a very special cake for tomorrow so I had to use several different sized pans. I actually used one of my pots since it was the perfect size I needed. Yeah, bad move by me. I seemed to have forgotten that I just pulled the pot out of a 350 degree oven because I decided to grab right on to the handle….hello first degree burns:

Oh well, I’m over it. Here is my completed cake, pre-beautification….betcha can’t guess what it’s going to be! (Hint: see tomorrow’s holiday):


Total Cost to Celebrate: $11


Today is Gene Kelly’s birthday, hence it is Singing In The Rain Day. I have not ever seen this movie, but I have seen the famous scene and I know the song. I love this scene, it’s so happy and the song is timeless. I watched it again today (and you can too, it’s the Clip of the Day!) and I reminisced about my extremely short-lived tap dancing career. Ah yes, I was 4 years old and they chose me to be the first girl out because I was not afraid of being the leader. Well, there was nothing to be afraid of during practice because the auditorium was completely empty. The big night came and I contracted a major case of stage fright. I basically freaked out and refused to go on stage, thus ending my dreams of being the next Janet Jackson. Today I gathered my courage to reenact Gene Kelly’s dancing scene, although there was no rain….we pretended:

Roman really liked the umbrella, he was looking to take an eye or two out with that baby:

There was only a minor anxiety attack when the camera started snapping away, I think I flashed back to my 4-year-old self for a brief second. Oh the trauma……

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

Singing in the Rain!!!! If this doesn’t make you crack a happy smile then you are an inhuman robot.


P.S. – What happened to these types of guys in Hollywood? For real, everyone is a huge sleaze ball now, no couth…..