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Today’s holiday is meant to inspire you to ‘be an angel’ to someone in need. After giving some thought about who I could help out today, I determined that donating to a charity would be a good way to help those in need. There are tons of charities out there: food shelters, The Salvation Army, we all know the standard ones. I realized that the biggest burden right now for a lot of families is back to school shopping. Those hilarious Target commercials about all the supplies kids need these days for school are running constantly so I am reminded every day that it is that special time of year. I happened across a local charity that accepts donations just a few miles away from my house. I went and gathered up some school supplies (from Target, of course). It was actually really fun doing some back to school shopping. I haven’t had to do that in a long time and it is still going to be several years before Roman is in school, so this was a good time for me. Here are the some of the school necessities I purchased:

After work today, I drove on over to the address listed on the website in search of someone to take my donation. The contact person listed, Cory, was not home…but his brother was! He gladly accepted my supplies, and he didn’t seem to be too weirded out about my picture taking, yay!

If you would like to donate school supplies and/or money to this worthwhile organization, go to penniesforpencils.org. They also have a 5K fundraiser coming up in October at EMU. Who’s in??

Total Cost to Celebrate: $25

Song of the Day:

Angel by Natasha Bedingfield. It was another one of those days where this song just went through my head alllllll day so I had to use this one:


P.S. – And a jump drive. Not sure what that is….but they’re gonna be jumping.