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I had a difficult time with Daffodil Day for several reasons. To start with, I could not seem to find any real information on exactly what differentiated ‘World’ Daffodil Day from just plain ol’ Daffodil Day which falls on August 26th. When I was picking my holidays to celebrate for the month, I chose to go with the World celebration because it seemed a little more, well…worldly. I did a search today and found out that Daffodil Day is an event in Australia that helps to raise money for cancer. Okay, so now I had something to go on….or so I thought. They had this snazzy designer dress giveaway on the website and if you voted and donated $5 you had a chance to win the dress of your choosing. Sweet! After contemplating my choices I finally decided on which frock I liked the best. I clicked and started filling in my info. I got to the part that said postcode and got confused. What the heck is a postcode?? OH, this is the zip code, right? I put mine in and it tells me that postcodes are 4 digits. hmmmm. Then I try to select my state and realize they only have Australian states. It’s all making sense now. I figure, hey maybe I can still make a donation. Wrong again. So, that was the end that. Then I thought I could go get some daffodils or send some to a friend or something. Nope, that’s a no go too. They are not in season so they are nowhere to be found. Plan C – how about I go and buy some daffodil bulbs and plant them today? Yeah….not so much. The daffodil bulbs are not available until mid-September. Awesome. So why is today World Daffodil Day again? I still have not figured that one out. I did, however, run across this fantastic fake bloom in the clearance bin to help me celebrate. That’s right, even the fake daffodils are not in season:

Well, at least Roxy enjoyed them:

Total Cost to Celebrate: $.50 – super clearance!



To continue my day of failure, I had made plans to go with Roman to the park to build some sandcastles. Unfortunately, the ever elusive thunderstorm warning deterred us from our outing. Not giving into defeat, I decided this evening we could still construct a super sandcastle in our very own backyard. I was quite pleased with how it turned out, as you can see (I added the daffodil for extra special celebration):

Roman liked it too, he didn’t even try to eat it!

He did destroy it though as soon as his tiny mitts got close enough, pretty standard for him:

All in all, Sandcastle Day was a success. I think we should get one of those turtle sandboxes for Roman now. In fact, let’s just dig up our whole backyard and fill it with sand and create a makeshift beach. I think I’m on to something here….

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Clip of the Day:

Amazing Sand Sculptures from the national competition. These things are no joke!


P.S. – Nice to see that even sandcastles have corporate sponsorship now.