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Instead of just enjoying a refreshing root beer float today, I decided we needed to spice this holiday up a little bit. Since there appears to be some stiff competition when it comes to which root beer is the best, we put some brands to the test with the first annual: Root Beer Float Face-Off. Here are the contenders:

The contest was based solely on taste, so no extra points for color or frothiness. I used the same ice cream flavor and quantity in each cup. The taste testers included:

My parents – they stopped by after work today and were greeted with an unexpected tasty treat:

Rich – the most fickle when it comes to root beer brands:

Myself – I had to do a blind test since I knew which brand each number represented:

I know you all are dying to know the results, so here they are:

The Winner, receiving 3 out of 4 top votes, was Stewart’s Root Beer. Rich, my Dad and I all liked this one the best. My mom liked Barq’s the most.

The Loser, receiving 4 out of 4 bottom votes, was Mug. Ugh Mug, you are not good.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $20



Men’s Grooming Day – basically an excuse for men to be pampered. The purpose of this holiday is to make it more acceptable for men to take pride and care in their appearance, and inevitably buy more grooming products of course. Since I am not a man, I turned to the 2 main men in my life – Rich and Roman. Roman is not much for grooming. He’s a rough and tumble, food in his hair, dirty fingernails type dude. He does, however, seem to enjoy when I brush his hair. I think he tries to act like he doesn’t, but he really does like to be babied sometimes…I mean, he is an actual baby so I hope he likes to be treated like one every once in awhile:

Alright, this picture is a bad example. I probably should not have waited until right before bedtime before attempting the happy hair combing pic. He for sure does NOT like getting his nails clipped though. That has turned into an unfortunate mess on more than one occasion. Rich on the other hand, does enjoy being pampered. He actually was trying to talk me into getting pedicures together a few weeks ago. I’m not joking. He definitely takes longer showers and/or baths than I do and he usually takes longer to get ready to leave the house. He is still a man’s man though, he just does not like his primping to be rushed apparently. I told him for this holiday he should let me shave him with a straight razor….he astonishingly declined. What? You don’t trust these steady hands with a knife-like implement hovering over your jugular? I’m somewhat offended. Instead I talked him into some eyebrow manscaping:

Boy, men are such wimps when it comes to beautification. The things we women go through to get pretty are comparable to ancient torture methods. Suck it up, bro! No pain, no gain…right, ladies??


Total Cost to Celebrate: $0



Did you all remember to hug your boss today? I did! Actually it was yesterday because my boss was not going to be in the office today:

Rosa got a hug too, yay for having a nice boss!

Kevin has only been our boss for about a month. I’m sure if he hadn’t already thought we were cuckoo, it’s a guarantee he does now. Actually he was more than happy to participate in today’s celebration. My work environment is very family-like so this was not all that out of the ordinary to be honest. In fact, our big boss kisses everyone (male and female) on the cheek when he presents them with their ‘years of service’ baskets at staff meetings. It’s pretty funny watching people try to avoid it sometimes….you can’t….it’s happening…..accept it.


Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day: 


Pauly D’s Jersey Shore Blow Out Tutorial. This is an example of hardcore and overly excessive men’s grooming. Who told him this was a good look? I think there is a special hole in the ozone layer just from him and his aerosol hairspray.


P.S. – Today is another holiday too according to my secret stalker:

Hmmm…..never heard of this one…..sounds made up. 😉