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What IS the meaning of IS? It IS the third person singular present of be – according to the Encarta Dictionary. Well, depending on the day it IS for Former President Bill Clinton, IS can mean something different apparently. On this date in 1998, Clinton decided to play with semantics during his grand jury hearing about his relationship with the infamous Monica Lewinsky. This IS a very short clip but watch and learn about the origin of this holiday:


Couldn’t seem to finagle your way out of that one, could ya Billy Boy? I suppose when you start debating your point based on the meaning of a word such as IS, then you know you’re in trouble. He also deliberated the meanings of the words ‘alone’, ‘sexual relations’ and  ‘sex’. Nice. We all know the outcome of this fairytale…..Clinton was and probably still IS in the doghouse. Got a good chuckle out of this one, funniest holiday yet!


Total Cost to Celebrate: $0



Any type of shopping is cool in my book, except grocery shopping. Ugh. Thrift shopping is fun for several reasons:

  1. You never know what you are going to find on any given shopping trip.
  2. There are always new and exciting wares each time you go.
  3. You will always get things for less money than if you bought them new.
  4. Who doesn’t like coming home to scrub their new finds with bleach for fear of contracting a communicable disease?


Ahhh….the delight of the unknown. You don’t know who owned it before you, but that’s part of the mystery of used items. For today’s holiday, I went to baby thrift world – Once Upon a Child. The epicenter of ‘gently used’ baby clothes and gear:


Yeah, some of these things have been used a little more gently than others, let me tell you. I was on the hunt for a new and exciting toy for Roman. Not that he doesn’t have 80 bazillion toys, but I wanted to get something that would hold his interest for more than .6 seconds. Now that he can pull himself up he basically wants to be in the standing position at all times. This means hanging on Mommy’s leg, climbing on dining room chairs (that in turn topple on top of him…..uh huh) and grabbing onto anything and everything his baby brain thinks is able to support him. He also is starting to become quite the dance artist. He will sway back and forth when music is on and he enjoys anything that makes noise. Given those two criteria, I started looking around at the play tables. They had many to choose from so I was happy to have a good selection. After contemplating for a bit, I decided on this one that is extra sturdy (a requirement in Roman’s world) and played a bunch of different music:



After scouring the previous owner’s baby saliva off of every square inch, I gave it to Roman:


Looks like I found a winner. Here is the best part: that toy retails for $39.97 brand new and I got it for……..$7.50! I saved 81%, booyah!


Total Cost to Celebrate: $7.50


Clip of the Day:

How to Shop at a Thrift Store. Now I have seen it all. Do people really log onto YouTube to try to figure out how to go shopping? This was one of several dozen of these types of clips….I guess people take shopping a bit more seriously than I do. There were also tons of videos of people showing their ‘hauls’ from thrift store….who watches this stuff?? Shopaholics? Do alcoholics watch videos of people getting wasted? I think not.


P.S. – I especially liked her mapping out her route….ON AN ACTUAL MAP!! I guess I thought if you had internet access then you should be able to do that pretty easily online during your super investigative web search.