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On this day in 1940 the first official Army parachute jump occurred. This was an extremely innovative war tactic at the time because it allowed soldiers to be dropped behind enemy lines. In 2002, George W. Bush made this an official holiday to honor all those that have served our country in an Airborne capacity. They say that Airborne soldiers are often called upon with little notice and are widely recognized as having a reputation of courage, dedication and honor. I believe that all soldiers deserve to be honored, of course, but today is a reserved especially for the soldiers of the sky. To celebrate today’s holiday, Roman and I went airborne. Roman wanted to jump off the roof with a bed sheet, but Rich didn’t think that was a good plan for some reason:

Here is my tango with gravity. The takeoff, the brief airborne moment and the 10.0 perfect landing:


This is probably the highest object I will be jumping off of anytime soon. No sky diving for this girl! Maybe I will try out the bed sheet idea though, isn’t that every kid’s dream? As a side note – I’m sure my brother remembers being airborne many years ago on the ‘bouncy thing’…..and then doing a sweet belly flop onto the lawn. That’s what happens when Mom’s not around and Dad is running the show….kid’s fly, for real.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Joe Miller was an English actor who was born in 1684 and died on today’s date in 1738. I looked up his Joke Book and to be honest, I don’t understand 90% of the jokes. For example:

There being a very great Disturbance one Evening at Drury-Lane Play-House, Mr. Wilks, coming upon the Stage to say something to pacify the Audience, had an Orange thrown full at him, which he having took up, making a low Bow, this is no Civil Orange, I think, said he.

Huh? Or how about this one:

Mr. Congreve going up the Water, in a Boat, one of the Watermen told him, as they passed by Peterborough House, that this House had sunk a Story; no, Friend, said he, I rather believe it is a Story raised.

Maybe it’s the fact that these were from 300 years ago or maybe it’s the confusing English humor, but I just don’t get it. I did find one that I got the punchline to, so here is my Joe Miller Joke of the Day:

A Lady’s Age happening to be questioned, she affirmed, she was but Forty, and call’d upon a Gentleman that was in Company for his Opinion; Cousin, said she, do you believe I am in the Right, when I say I am but Forty? I ought not to dispute it, Madam, reply’d he, for I have heard you say so these ten Years.

Hope you all enjoyed the Joe Miller joke hour!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Song of the Day:

USA Airborne Ranger Cadence. Intense and strangely hypnotic.


P.S. – I really wanted to use the clip of Bender from The Breakfast Club singing “I want to be an Airborne Ranger” but there was not a good one out there. Boo.