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Chauvin Day falls on August 15th because it is Napoleon’s birthday. This holiday remembers a French soldier named Nicolas Chauvin who idolized Napoleon and everything French to the point of ridicule. Originally referring to overly excessive patriotism, chauvinism has come to mean blind or absurdly intense attachment to any cause. After a little more reading on Mr. Chauvin, it appears that no one knows if this dude really even existed or if he was just conjured up by songwriters and historians. Either way, Rich and I took some time out of our day to display our undying and stereotypical allegiance to all that is French (at least for today). Here we are brewing up some French Roast coffee:

Rich looks pretty studly as a snooty Frenchman, oui?

Berets and cigarettes, tres bien!

Je t’aime France! Peut-être un jour je vous verrai chez la personne. Au revoir pour maintenant.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $8 for my impressionnant beret.


Relaxation Day couldn’t have come soon enough. I needed it….badly. My wonderful husband had given me a gift certificate for a massage waaaaay back in March:

I had not gotten around to using it because I never seem to find time to just pamper myself. Today gave me the excuse. I called a couple of weeks ago to book my appointment and the latest time they had available was 1:30pm. Oh darn…..I had to take the day off work. As you can see I was really distraught by that. There is NO relaxation in my work environment so I was more than happy to take some personal time. Roman still went to Becky’s all day. This was the first time since he has been born that I didn’t have him around and I had absolutely nothing to do other than go and get a massage. Ahhhh….can you feel me relaxing already? I woke up this morning at 6:15 per usual and got Roman ready to go. Thankfully Rich was nice enough to still take him to Becky’s even though I had nowhere to be and he had to go to work. Thank you nice husband, you are the best! After they left I took a long shower and then did what I’m sure everyone wishes they could do every Monday morning….I went back to bed. I slept until about 11:30. It was amazing. No alarm. No hyper baby. It was the quietest I have heard the house in a looooong time. I made myself a lovely brunch and then set off to the mall. I did a little window shopping before my appointment and then I skipped on over to the spa at Macy’s. I had a wonderfully relaxing hour long massage. It was everything I hoped it would be. Here are a few pics of the relaxation room:

I need to do this more often, for real. I think it is really important to take care of your own personal well-being and more importantly, your mental health. Sometimes you just need to take a day off work to do absolutely nothing. Spending a few bucks on a massage is better than spending much more later in life when you have an ulcer due to stress. I hope this day inspires all you readers out there to just RELAX! Even if it’s just for 15 minutes, it does wonders.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $20 tip

Song of the Day:

Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Classic 80’s song and a highlight of the movie Zoolander.

P.S. – Frankie says RELAX, so do it….or don’t do it….wait, I’m confused……