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When I saw this holiday originally I was very confused as to what I could do to celebrate. I searched the internet and read up on the Navajo Code Talkers history. I can say with confidence that I am not a history buff by any means so all of this information was new to me. I found out that the Navajo code used in World War II was the only war code that has never been broken. I also learned that there was a group of 29 Navajos who were the creators of the code. Since most of them did not have birth certificates, their true ages were not known but it is believed men as young as 15 and as old as 35 joined the ranks to fight for their country. When they returned home they were not greeted as heroes even though they saved thousands of lives and helped end the war. The code was classified and their work was so top secret that their efforts were not officially recognized until 2001 when they finally received Congressional Medals of Honor. The code was declassified in 1968 and released to the public. Oh, you know what that means, buddies. Yes, I have written a secret message below in the actual Navajo code:


The first person to translate this back to English will receive a special prize…..wait for it……..


That’s right, a (used) copy of the Nicolas Cage epic….Windtalkers.  This movie is about the Navajo Code Talkers AND it has Christian Slater in it, can you get any better than that? Why yes, yes you can actually. Rich and I attempted to watch this today in celebration of today’s holiday and made it through about half of it….it’s really not great. BUT, if you are the first to crack the code you also get the recognition and the pride that comes along with being a winner. That is worth it, the movie is simply an added bonus.

The first person to correctly translate the code and post their response in the comment section of this blog entry will be the new owner of a John Woo classic. You will also get a hearty pat on the back by yours truly. *Hint* – It is one sentence that makes sense in terms of being an actual sentence (it is not just a bunch of words stuck together not meaning anything) but it is a very strange sentence in terms of actual meaning. That sounds confusing…..Good Luck!!!


Total Cost to Celebrate: $2.25 – the movie was $0.25 on Amazon and I paid $2 in shipping….like I said, it’s a high quality film worth tons of moolah.

Clip of the Day:

Just to further entice you on wanting to participate, here is the theatrical trailer for Windtalkers.


P.S. – Yep….that pretty much sums it up.