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It is estimated that about 10% of the population is left-handed. Strange that it wouldn’t be 50/50, but the world is much friendlier to the right-handers. It actually used to be seen as a sign of the devil in ancient times if you were left-handed. Really? That seems a little extreme. I also found out today that hand orientation is developed in fetuses. So, there we go. Another trait you can be born with and is not actually a choice. Interesting, no? Since I am not left-handed I guess I never thought about how difficult it must be to live and work in a society that doesn’t particularly cater to your needs. Firearms, power tools, scissors, musical instruments, cameras….all these things are mainly made for right-handed people. They do have all of these things available for the lefties, but you would typically have to special order it and pay extra. We don’t know which way Roman is going to go yet, but here he is today feeding himself….with his left hand (no, I didn’t purposely put the spoon in that hand either):

Well, out of the last 7 Presidents, 4 of them (including Obama) are left-handed and 1 is ambidextrous (Reagan). So, if Roman is indeed left-handed it’s a guarantee he is either going to be the President or a super awesome Major League Pitcher. I mean, it’s basically a guarantee….look at the odds.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Roman and I set off this morning on a garage sale seeking adventure. Since taking an infant garage saling in a vehicle is not really fun with all the getting in and out of the car, we ventured out on foot in hopes of finding a sale nearby. After just walking a few blocks we found a sign, success!

Luckily when we got there I realized they had a lot of kids stuff, good news for the little man. Here are a few pics of the actual sale:

After looking around for a bit, Roman took a liking to this cool keyboard. We got it at the bargain basement price of $1, score!

They had a few other noisy toys, but this one seemed like it would be only minimally annoying. Monica also stopped by because she found some nice sleepers for Roman at a garage sale:

Boy, Roman is really raking it in with all these sales. My mom, aka ‘Garage Sale Master’, called this morning and informed me she found some more stuff for him too. This wasn’t special just because today is Garage Sale Day though, this is an every Saturday occurrence. She called me one weekend and said, “Grandma hit the jackpot!” I got really excited because I thought she was talking about my Grandmother actually hitting a jackpot. No no no, she was referring to herself as Grandma and the ‘jackpot’ was a garage sale wagon…..true story.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $1

Clip of the Day:

Garage Sale scene from Borat. Hilarious, gypsy.


P.S. – My hair makeover was unsuccessful, it barely did anything other than causing me to smell like a Kool-Aid factory. I think I needed to pick a bolder color like red. No Avril Lavigne looking hair here. Boo.