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HEY KOOL-AID!!!!! I always wanted to meet the Kool-Aid Man. I don’t think he’s around anymore so there’s another shattered dream. I have not had Kool-Aid before today in a good 5 years or more. Rich used to be majorly into Kool-Aid, but he has since moved on to the more mature Crystal Light. I purchased 3 different forms of the classic tooth corroding drink today to celebrate. First I got the Kool-Aid Jammers, you know, the ready to drink juice pouches. I forced these upon every co-worker I had the pleasure of having a meeting with today. Surprisingly, everyone seemed really pumped to get down on some Tropical Punch juiciness. The best part about it is how it turns your tongue bright blue….awesomeness. Next I got some of the Kool-Aid Singles which are the little packets you mix in your bottle of water. Nifty! Lastly, I purchased some good ol’ standard 20 cent Kool-Aid packets. Ahhhh…nice and cheap holiday celebration today. Here I am with all my goods at work:

Here I am at home this evening enjoying my purple drank…I really need to find a new pose for all these pictures:

Oh, yeah I forgot to mention I decided to take this holiday to the next level and give myself a Kool-Aid hair makeover. That’s right, when I wake up tomorrow (I have to sleep with this apparently) I will have a grape-a-licious purple streak to enhance my Kool-Aid Tracy (google it) wannabe image. Now I just have to find Peter…..

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post to see how my at home highlights turned out. Good thing I don’t have to be physically at my office until Wednesday, I have some buffer time if this turns out terrible.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $5


I do not have a record player nor do I own any records. I think the only people my age that have things like that are either really into music or they are trying to be cooler than they really are for whatever reason. I have had experience with vinyl records though. My mom had quite the collection when I was younger and I used to play them all the time. She actually still has most of her albums so I stopped over there today to reminisce with her. She has some amazing records as you can see:

Out of all the Beatles albums, Pink Floyd, The Eagles, etc. ( I could go on forever), here was my personal favorite:

Yep. The Sound of Music soundtrack. I loved this one and The Monkees albums. I honestly don’t think I ever even touched any of the Beatles stuff and to be completely truthful, I still do not get the amazement with that band. I mean, they are good and all but they never really spoke to me. Maria and that fantastic von Trapp family were the tops though! I actually broke my mom’s record needle at one point when I was younger. I was probably 9 or 10, but even by that time it was becoming harder and harder to find replacement parts for record players. I distinctly remember going to many store, including Service Merchandise, looking for that part and getting bad news over and over again. Talk about feeling guilty. Somehow it got fixed and/or we got a new record player, I don’t recall the exact outcome anymore. Although my mom has long since gotten rid of her player, she is still holding on to all her albums. Here are a couple of her favs:


Chicago (she was a band stalker back in the day) and Bob Seger. Lovely combo there. Too bad my mom’s taste in music has gone way south since her youth, she now almost exclusively listens to Country…ewww. It was funny looking at all the old albums though. I especially liked this cover:

Well hello there….are you male or female?? I think Peter Frampton has nicer hair than me, for real. Roman came along to check things out as well:

He needs to know what everything tastes like, it’s imperative to his survival at this point in his life. I told him this was probably the first and last time he ever lays eyes on a vinyl record. He is probably going to think compact discs are crazy by the time he is old enough to start getting into music. I wonder how everything is going to work then? I bet they start installing teeny tiny computer chips into our brains and we can just upload music straight into there. The saddest part about that prediction is that it doesn’t seem all that crazy.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

I cannot believe that I found this, but it turns out in the 60’s and 70’s The Monkees made a bunch of Kool-Aid commercials. Seriously, it’s fate that these two holidays are on the same day:


P.S. – I didn’t realize until this instant how big of sell-outs The Monkees were in their day. Now I’m a NON believer…get it?