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I have been rocking out to Duran Duran all day to celebrate today’s holiday. Duran Duran was one of the biggest groups in the 80’s. It is a well known fact that I am an all 80’s lover. I have probably dressed up as an “80’s girl” for 5+ Halloweens and on any other occasion that allows it. Although I was born in the 80’s, I feel as if I was meant to have been born earlier so I could have truly lived out my 80’s dreams as a teen/early 20’s big banged band groupie. I now just have the sub par 80’s cover bands to satiate my neon desires. To submerge myself fully in “the prettiest boys in rock”, I hit itunes and downloaded Duran Duran’s greatest hits album. What a treat! I will admit that I was not super into Duran Duran and honestly would not have been able to name too many of their songs if put on the spot. After hearing the album though, I had some amusing musical flashbacks that I would like to share with all of you:

  •  The Wild Boys – Oh boy, Monica is going to be SOOO pumped I’m talking about this song. This is one of those songs that reminds me of a specific person for a specific reason. Monica introduced me to this song in college, I had not heard it prior to her forcing it upon me. She loooooves this song and said it was from her childhood. Maybe we can blame this on her totally tubular older sister??? Eh, Melissa?? I seem to recall you having some pretty big hair in some of those pics of you and Moni! All I remember is Monica singing very enthusiastically…..WILD BOYS!
  • Hungry Like the Wolf – Arguably DD’s most recognizable and popular track. This song reminds me of when I was actually living out my fantasy of being a 80’s band groupie. Back in my heavy bar hopping days (approximately 6-7 years ago) my pals Jessie, Rachel and I were semi-regular fans of That 80’s Band – a Detroit based cover band. Fans to the point where the band members knew us and we routinely took over the microphone to provide our amazing backup vocals. OH and tripping and diving headfirst into their drum set while they were in the middle of a song was not a big deal. Yeaaaahhhh….this is why I don’t speak of bar stories. Moving on. This was one of the songs that was in their set list so it takes me back to all those fun times. Those were the days.
  • Rio – I’m going to have to defer to Kendall on why I think of her when I hear this song. I have some vague memory of something entitled, “Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand”…….Kendall, am I crazy or do you know what I’m talking about?
  • Notorious – This is probably my favorite DD song. Mainly due to the amazing Sparkle Motion dance scene from Donnie Darko (see Clip of the Day). Every time I hear this song I see those stone-faced spandex clad tweens whipping their hair around, freaky.

Best news of the day, Duran Duran is STILL touring. Go get your tickets now, I’m sure they are a real hot commodity. Maybe if I went in my time machine and warped back to 1985……

Total Cost to Celebrate: $11.99



I found this nifty book that has over 50 different versions of s’mores. I decided on 3 *new* variations of the classic s’more, here is how they turned out. First, here are all my materials:


S’more #1 – The Turtle S’more, this was Rich’s pick:


Rating: 9 out of 10 – delicious!!!


S’more #2 – Oatmeal Cream Pie S’more:


Rating: 4 out of 10 – I wasn’t too impressed with this one.


S’more #3 – Rice Krispie Treat S’more:


Rating: 7 out of 10 – pretty good, but a little too much sugary goodness.

There are over 50 variations in this book including ‘adult’ versions (Jell-O Shot S’mores….eeeeewwwww). I really wanted to try the Pumpkin Pie S’more but it turns out that Kroger is completely cleaned out of canned pumpkin until Fall. Craziness, I know!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $13


Clip of the Day:

As promised, here is the rad dance scene to Notorious in Donnie Darko. For those of you who have not seen this movie, rent it. It’s good. Fast forward to 1:39, sorry this was the best clip I could find.

P.S. – To answer your questions: Yes, that is Patrick Swayze. He turns out to have a kiddie porn dungeon in his basement….bummer. Yes, that is the creepy chick from The Ring….she’s a creepy dancer in this one.