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After a fun-filled busy weekend I woke up this morning with a serious case of the Mondays. I had my crabby pants on from the get-go to start my day. I put on my silver shirt to celebrate, but I wasn’t happy about it because this shirt is itchy. I started to get into my ‘work mood’ before I even walked out of my front door. I knew this was a bad way to begin the workweek so I tried to tell myself to not be so negative and remember that things are really not that horrible. It didn’t work. I got to work and I probably looked like Eeyore with a rain cloud over my head and a scowl on my face to match. I don’t know what my problem was, but I knew I had to correct it fast or I was going to lose an entire day to negativity. I decided to take a time out at lunch and just spend some alone time in my car with no interruption, no bad thoughts and no furrowed brow. I really thought about what this holiday meant and, on an even bigger scale, what is truly important in life. I made a mental list of all the things in my life that make me happy. There are a lot and I am appreciative every single day for the great life I honestly do have. I realized that just because one section of my world is not great, that doesn’t negate everything else that is perfect. Sometimes putting things into perspective like that is really really difficult because when you are in that moment where you just want to rip your hair out or dissolve into tears, it seems as if your world is imploding. News flash – it’s not. I need to remind myself of this fact daily and just try and focus on the positive, isn’t that what this mission is all about?? It’s a battle, that’s for sure, but I’m thankful that I had this holiday today because I really needed it. Happiness Happens Day is a holiday created by the Secret Society of Happy People. They wanted everyone to use this day to remember all the reasons they are happy. Their website provides a few ways to celebrate, which I was happy to utilize. As I said earlier, I wore my silver shirt and shoes today because happy people are always able to find the silver lining in every cloud. I also came home after my horrific day at work and created a ‘Hayley’s Happiness Holder’ box to keep at my office. I filled it up with things that, of course, make me happy! I can now have a physical reminder of the real things that matter when I’m having one of my ‘days’ like today.

Holographic stickers of Justin Bieber make EVERYONE happy…..for serious.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Odie is a super recognizable character, at least for my generation. I’m not so sure about the kids today. When I saw that it was Odie Day I went on the hunt for some Odie swag to use in my celebration. Much to my surprise, there is no Garfield and Odie stuff out there in the stores today. I think that they may still show Garfield on television, but it is that weird computer graphic animation rather than the old school hand drawn style. Are computers really overtaking that too? I am getting more and more distraught when I see all of the kids shows these days, nothing is real animation anymore and it all looks the same now. Well, I suppose that’s technology for you. Man, I’m sounding older and older by the second! To celebrate Odie Day I looked up a little tutorial on how to draw Odie. I figured this would be a new way to amuse myself on a holiday. Here he is pre-color; I think I minimized his ears a tad but overall I captured his essence with my remedial art skills:

Here I am having a blast coloring, I forgot how fun this is!

And here I am channeling Odie, I realized after the picture that I forgot Odie’s brown spot……uh oh:

Odie is a fun character because he is considered the ‘dumb one’. Garfield just berates him and Odie just keeps on grinning. Maybe I should try to be a little more Odie and a little less Garfield. Thanks Odie for reminding me to keep it light and enjoy the simple things in life. Ignorance is bliss, excellent motto for the day.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $1 for my sweet thought bubble.


Strangest holiday yet….by far. I was confused as to the real meaning behind this until I read up on it. This holiday came about because this is the time of year when zucchini is very abundant. All those backyard gardens are bursting with the super green veggie and people are running out of uses for it. Therefore, this holiday allows you to pass some off onto your neighbor so they too can enjoy the delightful flavor of the zucchini. Well, I do not have a bountiful garden so I did not have any available vegetables to shares. So, I went and bought some. I will admit that the zucchini are definitely at their peak, they looked amazing! I packed them up nice and pretty and snuck over to my neighbor’s house:

Planting the package, hope they enjoy!

I am wondering how disappointed they are going to be when they see a nicely wrapped gift on their porch and open it to find zucchini. Then I’m sure the, ‘huh?’ is going to hit soon after that.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $2

Clip of the Day:

Jessica’s ‘Daily Affirmations’. We should all start our day off like this.

P.S. – I may try this out tomorrow. If you find out I am in the ER with a concussion and/or broken bones then you know it went horribly awry.