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Another holiday surrounding a food, right? Wrong. I discovered a plethora of uses for your standard yellow mustard to celebrate this holiday. Mustard is not just for your hot doggies anymore, friends! Here are some other very useful ways to use this household staple, thanks for the info Readers Digest:

1. Soothe an Aching Back

Take a bath in yellow mustard to relieve an aching back or arthritis  pain. Simply pour a regular 6- to 8-ounce (175- to 240-milliliter)  bottle of mustard into the hot water as the tub fills. Mix well and soak  yourself for 15 minutes. If you don’t have time for a bath you can rub  some mustard directly on the affected areas. Use only mild yellow  mustard and make sure to apply it to a small test area first. Undiluted  mustard may irritate your skin.

2. Relieve Congestion

Relieve congestion with a mustard plaster just like Grandma used to  make. Rub your chest with prepared mustard, soak a washcloth in hot  water, wring it out, and place it over the mustard.

3. Make a Facial Mask

Pat your face with mild yellow mustard for a bracing facial that will  soothe and stimulate your skin. Try it on a small test area first to  make sure it will not be irritating.

4. Remove Skunk Smell From Car

You didn’t see that skunk on the road until it was too late, and now  your car exudes that foul aroma. Use mustard powder to get rid of those  awful skunk odours. Pour 1 cup dry mustard into a bucket of warm water,  mix well, and splash it on the tires, wheels, and underbody of the car.  Your passengers will thank you.

5. Remove Odor From Bottles

You’re got some nice bottles you’d like to keep, but after washing them,  they still smell like whatever came in the, Mustard is a sure way to  kill the smell. After washing, just squirt a little mustard into the  bottle, fill with warm water, and shake it up. Rinse well, and the smell will be gone.

Well, these are all very interesting ways to use up all that mustard in my fridge. I was really tempted to try out the facial mask, but I have very sensitive skin and I had a birthday party and a wedding to go to. Soooo, no experimental skin care today. Maybe I will try it out in a few days and report back on its effectiveness. Have fun playing with your mustard!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0



Toothpaste, mouthwash, mints, gum, spray. There are tons of ways to freshen your breath these days. I used to be a 24X7 gum chewer but I have recently reformed. I started to learn that chomping away on a piece of gum isn’t always putting your best foot forward in the business world. I now turn to the quick fix, mints. For today’s holiday I loaded up on the fresh breath essentials:

That’s right, I got the new fancy toothpaste so I could have fresh breath for up to 5X longer. Worth every penny if you ask me. As I mentioned earlier, I went to a wedding. As a congratulatory gift I figured I could either give the bride and groom some mustard or breath mints. The mustard just sounded like a bad plan so I went with mints. Here are Craig and Danielle being presented with the mini Altoids tins:

We all agreed they would come in handy while they made the rounds visiting with all the guests. Good holiday to get married on, guys! Heather and I also freshened up later with some Mentos, we were in our ‘sassy face’ stage of the evening:

Wow, we look pretty angry at those mints don’t we?

Total Cost to Celebrate: $10

Clip of the Day:

The best Mentos commercial ever! I sang the Mentos song all day and I really wanted to make my own commercial. Too bad there was so much going on this holiday. hmmmm….mmm…..maybe next time.


P.S. – This is my favorite Mentos commercial because I think this one was by far the most absurd. Nice suit, hobo.