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I did my research, per usual, for this holiday and discovered that Michigan actually is a fairly big hot spot when it comes to lighthouses. Unfortunately, most of them are on the west side of the state or up north. The closest one to my home base is on Belle Isle. I have always lived in the Metro Detroit area and to my recollection, I have never been to Belle Isle. We decided to travel over there today to pay homage to the historical lighthouse that still lights up to this day (not for navigational reasons though). It was cool to see it up close and personal and visiting Belle Isle turned out to be a worthwhile adventure. Here are some pics of our expedition:


We had a good time exploring the Isle and we think we may venture back to hit up the beach sometime. Funny how I have lived so close to so much interesting history my entire life and never took the time to truly celebrate it. This blog is giving me a lot of amazing experiences. I hope it is inspiring all you readers to go out and have an unexpected adventure, isn’t that what life is all about??

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


I chose to celebrate this holiday for one reason and one reason only…..this clip:

That pretty much sums it up. I adore Curb Your Enthusiam, if you have never seen it you are truly missing out on real comedic genius.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0



Lucky me that National Kids Day happened to fall on the same day as my company’s summer picnic. It was at a place called Paradise Park which features things like putt-putt golf, go-carts, a climbing wall and an arcade. Basically kid central. Today was no exception, that place was crawling with kiddies. Since Roman is still too little to really participate in a lot of these activities, he gets a kick out of simply being a spectator. The go-carts were his favorite. I’m starting to think this kid is going to be a race car driver or something, he’s majorly into loud motorized things. Check out his ‘hell yeah’ face:

He was super jealous that he didn’t get to ride in one of those bad boys. I took a few pics of some of the other kids who were also having a great Kid’s Day. Here are Rosa’s two bambinos, Vanessa and Julio:

They wouldn’t let me take their picture formally so I had to sneak these ones…gotcha!! We also spent a little extra time with our kiddo at the Belle Isle Nature Center. We happened to arrive at 3pm on the dot, feeding time for the deer:

Strange looking deer if you ask me, but Roman was impressed none the less. Kid’s Day was a fun day in the sun for all involved.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0 – Belle Isle is FREEEEEE!

Song of the Day:

Kids by MGMT. Probably one of the freakiest videos I have ever seen, but I suppose it fits the holiday. I love this song even if the video is disturbing.

P.S. – Don’t show this to your kids unless you want them to have nightmares….seriously. I’m checking under my bed before I get tucked in tonight.

P.P.S. – What kind of a parent lets their kid be in this video? Obviously one of those cuckoo stage mothers….evil.