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Yes, this is a real holiday. The driving force behind it is an internet underwear company called Freshpair.com. They started this holiday in 2003 by invading downtown New York with a bunch of scantily clad models handing out new pairs of unmentionables to the passing commuters. Freshpair has somehow determined that almost 80% of adults wear the same style of underwear their entire adult lives. Out of all those people, they claim that 60% are wearing the wrong fit. So, they came up with this holiday to encourage people to try something new in the underpants department. I took it upon myself to visit the women’s lingerie wonderland that is Victoria’s Secret yesterday (I wanted to have the new undies to wear today).

Hey, any excuse to spend money at that store is fine by me! I made a beeline for the 5 for $25 selection because it offered me about 10 different types of fits in about 75 zillion different colors. I consciously picked out pairs that I would not normally choose. You know, the ones you just know are going to be uncomfortable but they are so cute you don’t care? Yeah, those ones. Since I have gotten older I have retired the notion that I care about having sassy panties and now operate under the belief that comfort is king. No lace, no itchy stuff, no frills, no bows, no thongs, no boy shorts, no glitter crap. That’s how I roll, thrilling I know. I did not buy only pairs that I thought I wouldn’t like, I also just got a few pairs that were not what I would usually think to get. Here are the goods….no I will not be modeling them, well at least not for public viewing:

Today when I woke up I put on the ones that I thought I would like the least, just to celebrate the holiday as accurately as possible. Can you guess which ones they are? I’ll never tell….Overall, I was surprisingly impressed with my new undies. They were not nearly as terrible as I had suspected. Hmmm….I may have to change my whole underoo outlook with this new information. I also entered the giveaway on Freshpair to win a new pair of underwear in celebration of this fabulous holiday. You can enter too, let me know if you win!


Total Cost to Celebrate: $25


beer festival

I had no idea that International Beer Day was as big as it is. I went on the website and it appears that there are celebrations going on all over the world today. I completely understand this though. Beer is one of those things that deserves holidays to be built around it. I am a big beer fan, mainly the lighter brews not so much the Guinness type beer milkshakes. I think I can safely say that my most favorite beer of them all is Sam Adams Cherry Wheat. Oooooh, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. My college roomies and I made a very important decision before our 21st birthdays regarding our drinking habits. We told ourselves that we had to condition ourselves to like beer before we could legally hit the bars. The main reason for that was because beer is cheaper than everything else and we were dirt poor college kiddies. We used to have those Smirnoff Ice and Skyy Blue foo foo drinks that we thought were just the greatest. When we were 19 and partying it up in Canadia our drink of choice was the über sweet and sugary Sex on the Beach. When I think about that stuff now, it literally makes me nauseous. Oh, so many stories I have in my brain right now and not a single one appropriate for publication without humiliating someone (mostly me). Although beer is a little tough to take when you first try it, after it grows on you then you are golden. In order to celebrate today’s holiday, Rich and I decided to try out a new beer that neither of us had before. We choose Pilner Urquell from the Czech Republic:

It looked like the most interesting, I mean how often do you have a beer from the Czech Republic? Although it does say it is the original Pilsner so maybe it is more popular that I realize:

It was quite hoppy as it claims. I would compare it to be similar in taste to Heineken. It was good, I liked it but probably not enough to buy it again. I am always willing to try a new beer though, I’m open to recommendations:

Here is what happens after one too many beers and fancy new underthings:

Well, I guess you all DID get to see me in my undies now.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $11


Clip of the Day:

Liquorville from SNL. Justin Timberlake dressed up as a beer and Lady Gaga in a strange ensemble as usual. I figured this was a good fit since Lady Gaga is basically prancing around in her teeny undergarments half the time anyhow.

P.S. – Yo, J….I’m on to you. Where’s the pic of you sipping your brew in your skivvies? I expect that on my windshield Monday morning.