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Some of you may have received my initial August Holiday list that showed today was National Chocolate Chip Day. That is true, but after further investigation I found out that there are 2 National Chocolate Chip Days. With that knowledge, I went on the hunt for another holiday today. I found out it was Backgammon Day. I kept calling it Badminton all day. I still do actually. Badminton, Backgammon, they are both old people games, right? Now, I have no clue how to play Backgammon and I can safely say that after spending a good hour on it today I still have no clue how to play Backgammon. Rich and I went and purchased a 10-in-1 game set yesterday that included a Backgammon board.  After work today I set out to become an expert in the rules. There are a lot of rules….and exceptions…..and more rules. It was very confusing and a lot more work than I expected. I put Rich on it and he read through everything:

The game commenced. We at least figured out how to set up the board correctly:

As we played, we realized we didn’t know if we were doing everything right. Then we just started to make up our own rules. After about 30 minutes of gameplay, we just gave up. Rich was really happy to be done playing and to be honest, so was I. I still tried to keep things  positive though, as you can see by this picture….Rich did not:

Maybe if we had a veteran player, like Mr. John Locke, we could learn the game a little easier. John Locke, teach us! We are willing students!


Long story short, Backgammon Day was successful in the fact that I celebrated, but unsuccessful in learning how to actually play the game. Maybe when Rich and I retire we will have the patience to learn the ins and outs of the oldest board game in the world.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $11


Clip of the Day:

The only clip I could think of! John Locke and Walt playing Backgammon on Lost.

P.S. – Two sides? Light and dark? Sounds a little racist to me, Mr. Locke.