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For National Night Out Day, Rich and I decided to pass off Roman for the evening and go out to a fancy dinner. My parents came over to watch Roman, yay for Grandparent’s wanting to give us free childcare!


Rich and I decided to try something new and exciting. Just as a side note, we do not really get to go out too much anymore for obvious reasons. BUT, when we do go out, we go all out. We have always been like this, even when we used to go out much more frequently. We like to go out to eat and get way more food than either of us could or should consume in one sitting. We did a little searching around for today’s celebration and our sights landed on a Brazilian Steakhouse in Northville called Gaucho. All you can eat meat, where do I sign up? Here we are right before we left the house:


Gaucho! Fancy pants, literally AND figuratively. The place was pretty upscale and had a matching fixed price to boot. The way it works is you get all you can eat salad bar (not your standard salad bar either, picture to follow) 16 different types of meat and various other sides. Basically it’s a man’s dream come true. There are waiters just walking around with giant pieces of meat on huge skewers ready to serve you. We each had a little button to indicate if we were ready for more meat or if we needed a break. Rich didn’t mess around, he took whatever sauntered our way. I tried to control myself a little, but let’s just say with all the meat I consumed I probably have met my protein quota for the next month. Here are a few shots of us enjoying our night out on the town:


Funny thing is, when I came home to write this post I looked up National Night Out to get ideas for a title. Well, it turns out I was way off in my mode of celebration. National Night Out was created as a night to come together as a community to prevent crime. Whoops. I suppose by Rich and I getting a night out will prevent us from going crazy and running amuck in our neighborhood. I can spin anything to fit the holiday! Either way, I’m glad we celebrated the way we did. We had a great time, had some interesting conversation like we always do and just generally enjoyed each other’s company. I think it is really important to have date nights after you have kids, you have to keep your sanity somehow.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $121 – Like I said….pricey! (This was with a $15 coupon too.)


Clip of the Day:

“What’s Their Story?” from Date Night. This honestly isn’t that far off from how Rich and I act when we are out. Especially after a glass of two of wine. Oh we are some wild and crazy guys!


P.S. – If we are going to pay this much for crab it better sing and dance and introduce us to the Little Mermaid!