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I am an extremely lucky girl when it comes to my girlfriends. I have some of the best friends anyone could ask for and I am thankful every single day for each of them. I have many different ‘sectors’, as I like to call it, of various gal pals. I have my work friends, the Fab Four, the FHFD ladies and then of course my Girl Posse. The Girl Posse consists of 8 women. We all went to high school together and we have all remained very close. Half of us are still here in Michigan, while the other half has branched out to 4 different states. The distance sucks, and as we get older and more settled it becomes harder and harder to all get together at the same time. When I informed all of them that Girlfriends Day was coming up, they were ready to celebrate with me any way they could. We decided we would observe Girlfriends Day on Sunday (yesterday) because that seemed easier for everyone. I received calls, cards, messages, texts and e-mails throughout the day from all my girls and it just solidified how amazing they all are. Here are some recent pictures of us, note that there is always 7…..we cannot seem to get all 8 together these days:

I thought it would be funny to give each of us a Spice Girl moniker that describes us individually. So, here we go!

Michele = Mama Spice – She was always the responsible one in college and she got the ‘Mom’ nickname then. Now she is a mom to a perfect little baby boy! Here she is celebrating in sunny Florida:

Monica = Doctor Spice – That’s right, she’s our resident Ph.D! Don’t call her Dr. Monica though, I think that makes her feel weird. Monica was unable to make it to the Michigan girls celebration because she had already committed the Warrior Dash. Here is how she spent Girlfriends Day:

Rachel = Prankster Spice – Rachel’s favorite day of the year is April Fool’s Day. She is the Queen of prank calls, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her turn down the opportunity to mess with someone! Bananas! Here is Rae being Ms. Prankster:

Sara = Spellcheck Spice – Sara has literally corrected signs in public places. She doesn’t stand for any sort of grammar mistakes. I get anxiety attacks thinking of her reading this blog sometimes! Eek!! She is hilarious though. Here is her angry Spellcheck face:

Jessie = Sassy Spice – Although Jessie is the littlest out of the group, she has no issue with laying down the law with people when she needs to. I have been in several situations with Jess where I am cowering in a corner while she is right in the mix yelling about ice picks! ha ha!! I love you, Jess! Here is a sassy pic:

Melissa = Nice Spice – She is easily the nicest out of the entire group. Melissa isn’t the super gossipy type and she never says bad things about other people. I do not always fall into that category. Thanks for being so sweet, Meliss! Here is pic of her and also pic of her daughter, Clare (second from left), celebrating Girlfriends Day:

Vanessa = Sporty Spice – This was probably the easiest one considering there is actually a Sporty Spice! Vanessa seriously knows everything anyone could ever want to know about any sport. For real, test her. I don’t doubt your incredible sports brain, Vaness! Here she is showing her green and white:

Hayley = Silly Spice – I thought that seemed like a good fit. You all know what I look like, so no need for a picture here.

For Girlfriends Day here in Michigan, we had a mini celebration over at my place. Rachel and Sara made treats and I provided the booze and nail polish….girl heaven!

Girlfriends Day = Great Success! I think this holiday is a keeper. I love all you ladies and thank you so much for helping me celebrate!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $38



Spiderman, Spiderman,
Does whatever a spider can
Spins a web, any size,
Catches thieves just like flies
Look Out!
Here comes the Spiderman.

Is he strong?
Listen bud,
He’s got radioactive blood.
Can he swing from a thread
Take a look overhead
Hey, there
There goes the Spiderman.

In the chill of night
At the scene of a crime
Like a streak of light
He arrives just in time.

Spiderman, Spiderman
Friendly neighborhood Spiderman
Wealth and fame
He’s ingnored
Action is his reward.

To him, life is a great big bang up
Whenever there’s a hang up
You’ll find the Spider man.

Today marks the 48th anniversary of Spider-Man’s first appearance. I like Spider-Man just as much as the next chick, here is how we celebrated:

I sent Roman off this morning with our Spider-Man stuffed toy. Rich actually won this for me in one of those claw games about 8 years ago, I still have it!


I also branded everyone with Spider-Man tattoos….yes, even Roman:

I am committed to my celebrations, I walked around with that bad boy allllll day. I think a lot of people at work are started to get a little weirded out…..

Total Cost to Celebrate: $4

Clip of the Day:

Why the newest Spider-Man trailer, of course! I am still a little perplexed as to why they are remaking a movie from 2002….


P.S. – Dear Secret Admirer and/or Crazy Stalker who left the note on my car this past Friday,

If you are a secret admirer, thank you for the lovely note. I did in fact have a great day on Friday as well as a fabulous weekend.

If you are a crazy stalker, I’m sure you already are aware of how my day went on Friday. Creep.

Is this going to be a onetime deal? If so – SHOW YOURSELF! If you plan on carrying on with this charade, I will await your next message to determine if you are harmless or not. Remember – stalking is illegal in all 50 states……just saying.