Now that my first full month of celebrations is officially over, I will reflect on what I have learned so far:

  • Taking on too many holidays in one day is not a good plan. Trying to celebrate 5 different things at once is pretty crazy so I will now be limiting my holidays to 3 MAX per day.
  • There appear to be many many holidays for food, mainly chocolate/cupcakes/fatty food/anything primarily made of sugar. I was really excited about these at first, but I now realize I don’t really want to gain 15 pounds over the span of this project. I will still celebrate some of these, but I am going to be a little more selective in the future or find healthier ways of preparing food items.
  • I have learned a lot of interesting history factoids and explored and experienced many new things throughout this month. Thank you everyone who has participated with me so far either directly of through personal stories and feedback. Yay for having fun!

July Follow-Up

  • Most visited post – Beach Bod….sort of….hmmm…..can’t say I’m all that surprised about this one.
  • July 15th – Saint Swithin’s Day – Obviously the legend did not hold true about the weather being the same for the next 40 days. Shortly after this holiday we had one of the most ferocious storms as well as a weeklong super heat wave. Sorry Saint Swithin, you failed me.
  • July 16th – Favorite classic hot dog topping – the results are in: Mustard is the winner with 66.22% of the vote! Ketchup came in second with 30.43%, relish was third with 4.35% and onions was dead last with a whopping 0%.
  • July 18th – The Mandela Day post that spoke of Megan Roberts. It is with great sadness that I let you all know that Megan passed away on July 27th. The money raised will aid in her medical and funeral expenses.
  • Total amount spent celebrating this month: $305.17 – yowza! That looks like a lot when I add it all up! Keep in mind that averages out to about $10 per day and a lot of these holidays included meals for me and several other people.
  • Priciest Holiday: Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day at $46.

Additional Page Added 

I have had many people tell me that they are enjoying celebrating these holidays along with me. I have added an additional page on my blog entitled: “YOU Celebrating!” Please feel free to send me picture or stories of how you celebrated any holiday. I will post it on this page for all to see and share!!