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I started off Cheesecake Day with good intentions to maintain my healthy food kick. I found a recipe for low carb cheesecake and thought it sounded pretty good. I whipped it up bright and early this morning. Although Roman sleeps through the night, he is conditioned to wake up around 6:30am during the week. Unfortunately he doesn’t know what a weekend is yet, hmmm…mmmmm….So, needless to say, I was up at the crack of dawn per usual.

The recipe calls for the cheesecake to be baked in a springform pan in a hot water bath. Sounds tricky, right? Well, it was. I didn’t have a deep enough pan that the springform pan would fit into so I used a semi-deep baking sheet. Bad choice. The water bath was supposed to be engulfing the whole cheesecake and it was barely covering the bottom. I figured it would still be alright. Not so much. I pulled it out when it was done at it had a nice burnt top layer that I was actually able to peel off. Sounds appetizing, eh? Then I released the springform and this gelatinous mess sort of plopped out. Eww.

I was still optimistic even at this point. I thought just because it looked gross didn’t mean it tasted gross. Wrong again. I cannot describe the taste, but it was sort of like half cooked scrambled eggs with cream cheese and splenda mixed in. Yeah, the texture was pretty equivalent to that description as well. So, that was a bust. My mom and I had plans to go out to lunch today and she mentioned how she wanted to stop at Target too. I thought, great! Now I can just buy a cheesecake, screw the low carb deal. At Target I found the ultimate cheesecake, The Cheesecake Factory premium sampler. It has 4 different delectable flavors…..this is heaven!

I actually debated about it for a second because it was $21 bucks. Whoa. I wasn’t really prepared to shell out that sort of cash for a supermarket cheesecake. I looked at the Target version of this sampler that was $14. I then realized that if I’m going to spend $14 dollars on the generic version I should just spend the extra and get the good stuff. So, this is how Cheesecake Day went for me. I enjoyed not one, but two tasty pieces today. Guess I can go back to low carb tomorrow, right?

Total Cost to Celebrate: $30



My Father-In-Law has the same name as my husband except he goes by Rick instead of Rich. When I realized it was Father-In-Law Day I started to think about how I should celebrate. I realized that I didn’t really know too much about my Father-In-Law actually. I talked to my husband and he clued me in on a few fun facts. Rick served in the United States Air Force. He worked as a test driver at Ford for many years. That sounds like it was probably a really cool job! Rich also told me that his favorite memories with his Dad were their annual trips to Cedar Point when he was younger. Sounds like a tradition we should start again when Roman gets bigger. We fortunately have seen Rick more these days because he loves being a Grandpa and stops by to see Roman whenever he is around town. We saw him just last weekend at the family reunion actually, here is a pic:

I also sent a Happy Father-In-Law Day card to commemorate this holiday. I tried to look up a Father-In-Law joke to tell in here, but there are surprisingly very few of them. Apparently Mother-In-Law’s have the joke market covered!!!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $4

Clip of the Day:

I was informed by my Mom a few weeks ago that July 30th has been deemed ‘National Dance Day’ by the So You Think You Can Dance gods. Since this was an extra added holiday, please enjoy watching me flaunt my Just Dance skills in my pj’s (Roman did!):


P.S. – Beyonce, I know after seeing this you will beg me to be on your next tour with you. I’m open for negotiation.