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Let me tell you, I got a good laugh when I did my research on lumberjacks. Of course everyone knows what a lumberjack is and what they do. Lumberjacks are especially funny to me because Rich and I had discussed what we thought the manliest job was just a few months ago. We figured we should start to prepare Roman to be as masculine as possible and therefore groom him for a specific career from an early age. We had decided that the lumberjack profession was the way to go, it seemed to be the most manly of all the jobs. We also determined that if we start to train Roman to be a lumberjack now, he won’t ever have to go to school or college because that is all unnecessary in lumberjack land. See how thoughtful we are? Now we don’t have to worry about saving for an education, how convenient! Here are a few of the fascinating facts about lumberjacks and their culture pre-modern chainsaw era:

  • At the peak of the lumberjack profession in 1906, there were 500,000 working lumberjacks.
  • They showed great pride in their craft as well as their physical strength and masculinity.
  • They lived in logging camps in isolated areas where they emphasized manly virtues by doing dangerous tasks.
  • They were praised for being competitive and aggressive.
  • Since there were very few women in their camps, the men valued their individualism greatly.
  • When not working they played rough games, told tall tales and consumed large amounts of food.

Wow, like I said, can’t get any manlier than that. They sound like they were basically a pack of wild animals. I cannot even fathom what would happen if an unknowing woman sauntered into one of those camps, I’m fairly certain she would not have made it out alive. In order to celebrate Lumberjack Day, I strived to get in touch with my masculine side. I wore a hideous plaid shirt all day because it was my most suitable wood chopping garb. I actually already had the shirt, I had bought it on clearance and realized just how ugly it was when I brought it home. See? There is always an occasion to wear your reject apparel! At lunch I went on over to Home Depot and bought an axe. Yes, you heard right….a real axe. Rich had mentioned that he wanted to get one anyhow so it seemed like the perfect day to make the purchase. I got some genuinely perplexed looks walking through the store with a giant axe, some dudes even commented on my piece. I wielded it proudly and even joked with them that they better watch out. The axe gave me a certain swagger and manly power I was not used to experiencing. I am fairly sure that the chick at the U-Scan thought I was going to leave the store and go sink that baby into someone’s skull. What’s the deal? Can’t a girl buy an axe if she wants?? I mean I was wearing my lumberjack shirt, I just want to chop some trees down today, not sever human limbs. Geez, can’t do anything these days without people judging. After work I got down to business. Rich had cut off several large branches from our tree in our backyard a few weeks ago. We still had to cut the wood down to a manageable size in order to properly discard it. Here I am harnessing my inner lumberjack:

Alright, maybe I’m seeing why everyone looked so freaked out when I was carrying the axe around. It was super macho of me to chop some wood though, it’s hard work! Rich also got in the spirit, he couldn’t allow me to show him up when it comes to manliness:

Since Roman is already being trained for lumberjackdom, this was all unexciting to him. He’s concerned with one thing and one thing only when we go outside….eating grass:

That is Roman’s practice axe. He’s getting pretty good though, so I think we are going to let him try out the real deal in a few weeks. Paul Bunyan has got nothing on this kid. Uncle Steven had already bought him this studly lumberjack onesie, he’s on board with our career path for our son.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $20 (The axe was actually $40, but I’m only going to count half the price because I wasn’t only buying it for today’s holiday.)



In my ever ongoing effort to try and eat healthy, I chose to make a low carb version of lasagna for this holiday. Rich was not impressed when he heard about this plan. He loves his Italiano food so his displeasure was unavoidable. It is basically just like a real lasagna except the noodles are zucchini instead of pasta.

The verdict? It was good, Rich and I were both satisfied. I asked him if he liked it better than regular lasagna. His response, “It doesn’t have noodles in it, right? Why would you even ask me that question then?” So, not a true substitute for real lasagna but still a good meal.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $7


Normally I am a stair person at work. I avoid the elevator for two main reasons. Firstly, although we are on the top floor of our building, the top floor is the 4th floor. I think I can manage to walk my lazy butt up the stairs to infuse a teeny tiny amount of exercise into my day. Second, the elevator freaks me out a little. I usually get dizzy after riding in it. Not sure why exactly, but it throws off my equilibrium and I don’t like it. Along with this reason is the fact that I have seen one too many movies in which bad things happen when an elevator stops working. I’ll take my chances on the stairs. Today I committed to riding in the elevator all day rather than going the stair route. There was only one time during my comings and goings when I had a riding companion, every other time I was alone. Here are some pictures of me talking in the elevator, mostly to myself and one with Rosa:

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Well, it definitely rained today that’s for sure. Mostly in the wee morning hours though, but it still counts. The legend of Rain Day is an interesting one that I had never heard about before today. The story began in 1874 when a farmer in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania went to the local drugstore and mentioned to the owner that it was going to rain the next day, July 29th. The owner asked him how he knew and he explained that July 29th was his birthday and it always rained on his birthday. The store owner thought this was too good of a certainty to pass up and began betting with store patrons that it would rain on July 29th each year. The bet was always a new hat, which the store owner usually ended up winning. The legend grew and the owner’s son took over the tradition. This has become Waynesburg’s claim to fame and they now hold an annual Rain Day Festival to commemorate. It has rained on July 29th 113 out of the past 137 years, including today’s rain showers (I verified that it did in fact rain in Waynesburg today). That is a 82.5% chance of rain, seems like a pretty good bet to make! They still maintain the hat betting tradition and there have been many well-known celebrities that have been the official bet taker over the years. People like Donald Trump, Will Ferrell, Jay Leno, Troy Polamalu, Chubby Checker, Johnny Carson and many others. Some have won the bet, but the majority have lost. I wish I would have read up on this tradition a little more prior to today’s celebration. When I initially looked it up I just read about how it always rains in Waynesburg on this date. I didn’t see the info about the hat betting. There’s always next year though I suppose. I’ll find some poor sucker to take my bet and get a nice new hat out of the deal!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Clip of the Day:

The lumberjack scene from Step Brothers. After finding out more about lumberjacks today, I don’t think this is too far off from reality.