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Since I have already celebrated hot dogs and chocolate this month, I decided to combine these two slightly modified holidays today. As previously posted, I enjoy both hot dogs and chocolate extensively. Chili dogs are even better if you ask me AND milk chocolate is definitely my chocolate of choice. This just makes my celebration even more exciting if you ask me, I like to eat good greasy food and sugar filled treats! I decided to go to lunch today at the best place I could think of to get a chili dog, L. George’s Coney Island. I like any Coney Island, L. George’s just happened to be the most convenient. I got the 2 coney dog lunch special and a large glass of chocolate milk….yum!

Rich and Roman also joined me for lunch. Rich went with the coney dogs as well, what a great husband for helping me celebrate:

Yes, that is indeed Roman’s little tootsie in the pic. I thoroughly enjoyed my delicious lunch. I also decided to have a special milk chocolate treat with an after dinner coffee this evening:

Oooooooh, Godiva you are sinful! I could get used to this….

Total Cost to Celebrate: $20


Clip of the Day:

“Milk Chocolate: A Love Story”. Now I finally understand how milk chocolate is made!


P.S. – I didn’t know bunnies laid eggs. Huh.