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My Grandma is the greatest grandma in the world. She is 87 years young and still as feisty as ever. Everyone who has met my Grandma loves her, she is the sweetest lady you will ever meet. Here are a few interesting tidbits about my Grammy:

  1. She is obsessed with the Detroit Red Wings. Ask her anything about them, she will know it.
  2. A couple of her other favorite things are ice cream and wine. Now do you see where I get my tastes from?
  3. My Grandma is a twin. Once a long time ago her twin brother was fighting overseas in the war. My Grandma awoke one night screaming that her back was on fire. They found out later that her brother’s airplane hangar had been attacked and he had gotten hot shrapnel on his back. Twin power….weird.

Oh and another fact about my Grandma, she is going to live forever. For real. On Gorgeous Grandma day I decided to take a little trip over to see my Grammy and let her know that she is in indeed gorgeous.

Now that Roman is around, I have another Grandma in my life. Well, she’s not my Grandma she is my mom, but she associates herself more as Grandma these days. Roman is her first grandchild so he is extremely spoiled. My mom has more baby stuff than me, she takes this grandparenting very seriously. Here is a picture of Roman with his Grandma and Great Grandma:

All Grandmas are gorgeous. I personally cannot wait to be a Grandma. Pumping grandbabies up full of sugar and sending them back to their parents sounds amazing!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


In the world of crazy holidays, today has been deemed the only acceptable day to utter the phrase, “Hot enough for ya?” Well, it certainly has been hot enough for me, how about you? This holiday came at  perfect time, during our massive heat wave. It has actually cooled down a little bit today. It was only 95 degrees rather than 100:

I have tried not to complain about the heat because I will take this any day over snow. But since this day allows it I asked everyone I encountered if it was hot enough for them. Of course they said yes! I think the next phrase we need to phase out is, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity”. That one is becoming the new small talk conversation starter. Well, I hope it has been hot enough for all of ya! I’m ready for Fall, who’s with me?

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

Hot Enough for Ya? A really good news piece from last Summer. It shows how people are always wanting it to be Winter in the Summer and Summer in the Winter.


P.S. – Stop whining!!!