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A blushing crow. Punk in Drublic. The band Buck Cherry. The title of this post. These are all examples of spoonerisms. The definition of a spoonerism is: an error in speech or deliberate play on words in which corresponding consonants, vowels, or morphemes are switched. A lot of times spoonerisms happen when you get tongue-tied and mess up what you are trying to say. I didn’t realize that these things actually had a name, I guess I should know by know that everything has an origin. I have unknowingly used spoonerisms on many occasions. It’s usually when I’m talking too fast or trying to use 2 words at once and everything gets all mixed up. Next time I get all bass ackwards with my speech, I will know what to call it.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0



Penuche fudge….hmmm…..I see the word fudge so that is all that matters. I looked up what this particular type of fudge is and it is a brown sugar based fudge, no chocolate involved here. I found a recipe and it seemed pretty easy to make. No crazy ingredients, just tons of sugar. Sounds good to me! I actually made this last night so I could reap the benefits today. Here it is boiling away on the stove:

Yep, I invested in a candy thermometer to ensure I reached ‘soft ball’ stage accurately. We didn’t want to make it all the way to ‘hard ball’ stage now did we? Here is a picture of the finished product, cut up into generous sized pieces:

I forced it upon my co-workers this morning, I got 3 thumbs up!

Rich and I also enjoyed some this evening, I am sure this is going to offset my sleeping due to the large amount of sugar currently coursing through my veins:

Penuche fudge turned out to be pretty good. I am fairly certain that I would not have never heard of or tried this recipe without this holiday. Thank you National Penuche Fudge Day for giving me another reason to not go on a diet.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $10

Clip of the Day:

Bushisms. A few of these are actually spoonerisms. We all can be reminded of how articulate he was after watching this one, oh dear.

P.S. – Obama isn’t looking so bad anymore, huh?