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Who doesn’t like ice cream? Nobody, that’s who. I don’t think I have met anyone that actually does not like ice cream. It comes in every flavor imaginable so there is something for everyone. I eat ice cream fairly regularly and I like to change it up with the different flavors. When I lived at my Grandma’s house for 2 years, the room I stayed in also stored the giant deep freeze freezer. Let me tell you, Grandma likes her ice cream so that baby was packed full of ice cream at all times. How can you get any more temptation….a freezer literally steps away from your bed? Bad news….bad bad news. I don’t eat ice cream as much as I did then (thank goodness) but I used today’s holiday to get the good stuff….Ben & Jerry’s:

Yep, I can feel my butt getting fatter as I type. I also took some ice cream treats up to Rich’s softball game tonight. There was a large posse of kiddies who were more than happy to take some free treats from a random stranger:

Roman also got a lick or two in as well, what a mess:

I am officially buzzing from all the sugar I have ingested today. I think I celebrated a tad bit too hard, but it was worth it.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $20


Yellow pig day is not as straight forward as it sounds, there is a rather involved backstory. The short version of it is as follows:

Some math nerds from Princeton in the 1960’s were working on a project about the number 17. In their intense and tedious study session they went a little bonkers and dreamed up this mythical yellow pig with 17 eyelashes, 17 toes, 17 teeth…you get it. The legend grew amongst the mathematically advanced and now they celebrate the yellow pig by eating yellow pig cake and singing yellow pig carols. Nope, I am not making this up!

I learned a little about the number 17 today too, apparently people are as weird about this number as they are number 23 and 13. Here are a few fun facts:

  • The modern Italians foolishly think that 17 is unlucky, and they are very superstitious concerning it.  For instance, Air Italia has no 17th row, Italian buildings do not have a seventeenth floor, and when the Granault R17 went to Italy, it’s name was changed to R117.  Part of the reason that Italians do not like 17 is that XVII rearranged spellsvixi, which means “I am dead.”
  • The White House has 17 bathrooms.  There are 17 miles of corridors in the Pentagon.

I’m learning something new and exciting with each day of my adventure! Today I donned my yellow duds and worshiped the almighty yellow pigness:

Roman got upset when I took the piggy away from his ever drooling mouth hole:

You like my yellow pig headband? Yeah, I thought it was a nice touch too.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $1


Douglas ‘Wrong Way’ Corrigan was a pilot who accidentally flew from New York to Ireland when he was supposed to be going to California. He claims that he was looking at the wrong end of his compass. Seems like a rather large mistake for a pilot, good thing he was alone or there would have been some pretty peeved passengers. Since this happened during the Great Depression it provided a lot of much needed humor to the American people and when Corrigan came hometo the U.S. he was welcomed back as a hero. He was very lighthearted about his blunder and it has never been proved if this was truly an accident or if Corrigan knew what he was doing all along. For Wrong Way Corrigan Day, I decided to take a few wrong turns when I was out and about today. It didn’t seem to have the same effect considering I was in my own neighborhood. It just took me a little longer to make it home! I am having fun reading about all these crazy holidays though, it gives me something new to look forward to each day.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

Ziggy Piggy scene from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Ice Cream AND pigs, yay! Thanks to Rich’s strong intellect for thinking of this one:

P.S. – Here is one last photo that combines all of today’s holidays – ice cream and the yellow pig facing the wrong way. He’s flaunting his #17 brand I burnt into his booty: