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Gummi Worms, hmmm…what can I saw about gummi worms?? They are delicious and I enjoy eating them. I think they are superior to their bear predecessors. They are better because they have two flavors in one! I like to bite them in half and eat each flavor by itself most of the time. I also think the sour kind are better than the plain kind. Wow, I never thought I would overanalyze gummi worms like this, but here we are! Well, without further ado here is how I celebrated today’s holiday:

I started the morning opening the package I got from my friend, Melissa. It was labeled ‘Open on July 15’. Surprise! It was gummi worms!!! Thanks Meliss!

Then I shared some gummi worms with some FHFD girlies:

I finished the evening by trying all the flavors at once….yummy!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $3


This one is pretty interesting. Saint Swithin’s Day is a day where people take a special interest in the weather. They do this because, as tradition has it, whatever the weather is like on Saint Swithin’s Day is what it will be like for the following 40 days. Intriguing, no? If this is true, the weather dudes are off the hook for a good month and a half. They won’t have to make ‘educated guesses’ for awhile….maybe they will actually be right now. 🙂 So they say if the weather is rainy, it will rain for 40 days. If it’s fair, then it will be fair for 40 days. What if it is BOTH rainy and fair?? That was the case in good ol’ Southeast Michigan today. The funny thing is, there was no prediction for rain today and it rained for a good couple of hours this morning. Strange, you think those weather guys would have seen that one coming….. In celebration of today’s holiday, I documented the weather throughout the day.

At 8am, it was 67 degrees and rainy. Here is a shot from my office (parking lot, what a great view I have):

Then at noon, it was 76 degrees and mostly sunny:

Around 5pm, it was sunny and a balmy 86 degrees:

I also had my sons (yes, I have 2…didn’t you know?) checking out the skies later in the evening:

It turned out to be a pretty decent day. A little rain in the morning and then nice and sunny for the rest of the day. I will be happy if this is going to be the weather for the next 40 days. I guess only time will tell….to be continued….

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

World’s Largest Gummi Worm….seriously, this is hilarious.

P.S. – Welp, guess we know what I’m getting for next year’s Gummi Worm Day.