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I work in an office with about 220 employees. There is a whole gaggle of IT peeps and I have no clue what any of them do. When I saw that today was Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day, I went on the hunt to find our Master of the Web. The first person I approached didn’t want to admit that he was in fact, the Webmaster. I think he thought I wanted him to do something, therefore he was attempting to deflect my inquiry. When I told him it was because I wanted to take our Webmaster out to lunch, his story quickly changed. Unfortunately, he knew he was going to be on vacation today so he advised me to ask another person that works on his team. That’s how things work at my job, we have teams of people and each team works on a separate process. So I ventured into the IT bullpen and proclaimed, “Who here calls himself, The Webmaster?” Yes! I had some takers! It turns out, an entire team can claim to be Webmasters. Although, they informed me today at lunch that no one calls themselves Webmasters anymore, they are now considered to be Software Developers. I am learning so much with this adventure! After mentioning the possibility of a free lunch, I got 3 volunteers to join me to help celebrate today’s holiday. I was so surprised that no one else had asked them out to lunch already, I mean this is a national holiday for pete’s sake! We had a delightful lunch at the local Panera (one of the very few eatery options in our area) and I was glad to get to talk to 3 new people. Rosa also came along too, we celebrated her birthday again…this time on the right day. Here we are chowing down:

Thanks go out to Dan, Aru and Eric – The Webmasters!!! I told them I would be more than excited to claim to be a Webmaster, it sounds so powerful!!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $46 – multiple Webmasters=bigger bill

Clip of the Day:

No song today, I couldn’t think of anything that fit very well. I did think of this SNL clip though, it is a pretty good one. I just want all the IT people to know that I don’t really think they are like this…..well, not all of them at least…..


P.S. – MOVE!