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I can say with confidence that I am no elephant. Mostly because I am a human being, but for another reason as well. I forget things. Not necessarily super huge important things, but a lot of stuff slips out of my brain fairly easily these days. I have forgotten how to do simple math in my head, leaving a tip at a restaurant now requires my handy phone calculator. I have forgotten, on many occasions, that I do indeed have 2 cats that require a litter box cleaning every so often. I have also forgotten to properly appreciate my friends and family from time to time. This is the one that I wished to correct today. My friend Monica’s birthday was May 9th. I did not forget her birthday, I sent her a celebratory text message to mark her special day. I forgot to mail her card. I actually bought a card, I filled it out….then I forgot to send it. A few days following her birthday, I remembered and took it up to the post office with another package. This is when I realized I forgot to put her address on it. A few more days passed. Then I remembered again only to realize that I had forgotten to record her address one of the many times she had given it to me. Now, by this time it is a good week after her birthday. I figured asking her for her address at this point would just be a slap in the face. So, I instead chose to simply not send the card. It got lost in the back seat of my car, getting stepped on and more forgotten with each passing day. When I saw that today was ‘I Forgot Day’ I thought it would be a good time to finally send Monica that birthday card. I went and bought a belated B-Day card with a pretty little elephant on it. This is appropriate for Monica since she LOVES elephants and also very fitting for this occasion. Ironically enough, the day I bought the card I happened to find the original card I intended to send. It was in my trunk. I’m still unsure how it ended up there. Here is what it looked like after tumbling around in my car for almost 2 months (notice the missing address….epic fail on my part):

So, this morning I filled out Monica’s *new* birthday card and hoofed it up to the neighborhood mailbox to send it. Roman came along to make sure I didn’t forget where I was going. He is all business, you can tell he wasn’t messing around:

Then it was finally time to make my wrong into a right. Monica – your card is on the way, I didn’t forget today!

Lesson of the day: Admit your forgetfulness and understand that it is never too late to acknowledge a special event.

Cost to Celebrate: $4


The annual International Cherry Pit-Spitting Championship happened today in Eau Claire, Michigan. No joke, here is the official website: http://www.treemendus-fruit.com/album1_009.htm. I had never heard of this, but I definitely wanted to give it the ol’ college try. My parents were visiting tonight and unbeknownst to them, they had volunteered to take part in my mini cherry pit spitting championship. We read the handbook (yes, there is a real handbook) and proceeded with the competition. There were 4 contestants: my mom, my dad, Rich and myself. Here are some highlights:

After a rousing bout, the final results are as follows:

First Place: Rich

Second Place: Dad

Third Place: Mom

Bringing up the rear: Hayley

I guess my hopes to compete in the real competition next year are not going to come to fruition. Oh well, we had a fun time anyhow. The official record from last year’s championship was 40 feet 2.5 inches. Whoa. Those people do not mess around with the pit spitting…it’s spit-tacular!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $5

Song of the Day

Cherry Pie by Warrant for two reasons: One – it reminds me of Monica in college, she used to really rock out to this jam. Two – cherries, duh.

P.S. – I heard this song the other day on my 90’s on 9 channel. I was like, huh? This is from the 90’s? Yep, 1990 to be exact. After watching the video again, it looks like these guys were really holding onto that 80’s hair band mentality…..those were the days.