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O Canada, our neighbor to the north. Although I have had the pleasure of living a mere 25 minutes away from Canada my entire life, I honestly do not know that much about it. Except that their legal drinking age is 19, I definitely was aware of that little factoid. Today I decided to find out how Canadians celebrate their country’s birthday. I spoke with my boss, Laurie, who is an actual real Canadian. That’s right, she commutes from Windsor every day to come to work. Anyhow, she advised me that they celebrate Canada Day basically the same way Americans celebrate Independence Day. Okay, I can do that. Drink beer and blow stuff up, right? Rich used this holiday to purchase some fabulous Canadian pilsener. Here is us partaking in a sip or two:

I also am planning on lighting off a high quality firework after the sun goes down. Granted, it is one of those cheapo $1 packs of ‘let’s see what this one is going to do’ from the grocery store, but I am easily amused.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $13 ($12 for beer, $1 for explosives)


When I heard it was International Chicken Wings Day I knew where I needed to go, Buffalo Wild Wings! Oh yeah. I was able to combine my B-Dubs lunch excursion with another holiday, my co-worker’s birthday. Well, Rosa’s birthday isn’t actually until July 6th, but we chose to celebrate it today. To my shock and surprise, she had never been to Buffalo Wild Wings….that is a travesty in my book. I was happy that she was able to go for her first time on this super special holiday and help me kick off my year of celebrations. We both opted for ‘traditional’ chicken wings rather the boneless variety. I also decided to stick with the most classic sauce – Mild. Bottom Line: you can never go wrong with chicken wings, yum. Here is Rosa and I enjoying the saucy goodness:

Total Cost to Celebrate: $24 – keep in mind, this was for Chicken Wings Day AND a birthday.


I had briefly alluded to Second Half of the Year Day in my opening post. I feel as if I sufficiently took the meaning of this holiday and made something out of it. This day is meant to reflect on how things have gone the first half of your year. Did you keep your resolutions? Are you happy with how this year is going so far? I have had a pretty darn good year, but I have a feeling this project/blog is going to make the second half of my year much more interesting.

I received a personal piece of snail mail yesterday from my good friend, Rachel. It said on the back of the envelope, Do Not Open Until July 1, 2011! Oooooh, I was excited! I opened it this morning and found this very special and uplifting message to start my day with:

Rachel, you are an amazing friend and a constant source of support. Thank you so much for your encouragement and thank you for celebrating with me!!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Song of the day

Oh… Canada – this little gem I stumbled across on YouTube. It will set you straight on what Canadians are all about via Canada’s watered down version of Eminem. I admit, I learned quite a bit actually. Who knew that Yahtzee originated in Canada? I am curious to find out how Canadians feel about this portrayal, you think they say yea, nay or eh?

P.S. – I am still smitten with these mittens.